Sunday, January 3, 2010


in the lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."

some sunday thoughts:

i'm so grateful ..
we have such a perfect lord to lean on
for his unconditional love
his ability to forgive and forget
that this church is constant and stable in an unstable world
he carries us through the hard times in life
for my friends and family who love me just the way i am
i gained hope someday i can be sealed for eternity
for a new year to start all over

my new year resolutions
read a conference talk and scriptures every day
take notes at church
attend the temple once a week
work out three times a week
go to bed at eleven or earlier
job search til i find one
budget my money when i get an income
enjoy every second of my life
continue to spend time with family
befriend people

{i love where i am right now. i'm so content with where i am and who i am becoming. i love that i have let the lord shape me. i'm putting all my trust in him, he knows best. thank goodness he's in charge of my life. i love that i am a daughter of such a wonderful god.}


Natalie said...

Ohh Jos I LOVE THIS! You are such an incredible example and disciple of our Savior, Jesus Christ. You have such a sweet and radiant spirit about you! YES let's play ASAP!! I go to the temple on Tuesdays for confirmations, if you're ever up for it! I usually just do confirmations, because I go to school right after.


Let's go do something fun!

Meg said...

AMEN!! I love your testimony. I love that you know your Heavenly Father. That is all you need to get through ANYTHING!
Great resolutions.. I have some that are would think we hang around each other a lot hahhaha but you know that isn't the case, I am ALWAYS working ;)

marilyn said...

I love you Jos, Meg said exactly what I want to say, you have a great life ahead for you, great resolutions, I know you will keep every one of them, Love you and miss you

Amber said...

I always love reading your testimony! Yes, we got the clothes and they are SOOO fun! The girls love them. Thanks so much. I love how you love the temple. I also love reading a conference talk every day. There is nothing that helps my vision faster then a dose of conference. Best luck on the job search! Your time is coming soon! Miss you and love you always.

Heaps Family said...

I love you more than you'll ever know! Your struggles and the way you are dealing with them are a shining example to all of us! THANK YOU!!! I will be missing you on Thursday, the Temple won't be the same. I love you!

Monica said...

I don't know if you realize...that is my favorite scripture. I calligraphied it when I was at BYU in my calligrapy class. They had us use our favorite scripture. You are a great example of trusting our Heavenly Father to lead you. He truly has directed your paths! Love you so much little daughter.

I had too much fun shopping with you girls today! You are my favorite people to shop with. No one makes it as fun as you two do!