Saturday, January 2, 2010

january one

was a good day
that was spent with family, eating food, good laughs, jammin to party in the usa twice, lots of pictures taken, lovin wearing open toed shoes in january and lovin the sunshine.

i love this girl more than she knows

later that night i went to costa vida to see my friend bree who is visiting from utah.. then danced the night away with my caitlin and friends. i saw so many random people from utah and other places. it was a fun night. we even had a countdown at midnight. a perfect ending to a perfect day to start the year 2010.

dear 2010,

you're going to be my favorite year yet. i feel it.

thank you.


Heaps Family said...

One of these years we are going to have to be at the New Years party with the Wrights. HOW FUN!!!!
We MISS YOU!!! I love you

Caitlin said...

yay dancing!! wait....what?! those words did not leave my mouth...

Willi Nixon said...

jos! your blog always makes me miss my family and miss arizona. i'm happy you are back there and you're loving life. i love and miss you!

marilyn said...

I miss those Wright parties they are soooo fun, I'm so glad your family can be there, and I bet you are enjoying wearing "open toed shoes" you wouldn' be wearing them here that is for sure, I love seeing the pictures thanks you are a great blogger!!!!

pink coffee photoart said...

your headbands are fab-FAB!!!! and i have that dress you are wearing in the last shot. :)