Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stay Calm & Carry on

Can I puhlease say how much I looove summer? I am loving this beautiful weather and friends. Provo feels like home.

Mon night: Taco Bell with Tara, watched high school musical 3! Ya baby!

Tues: After school I decided to go to the mall by myself and talked myself into buying a new shirt:) Don't even worry.. I found my favorite- Chik Fil-A & treated myself to a sandwich and cookies&cream shake. Heaven. Then Giiiirls Night! Lindsay, Alexi, her roomate, my friends Micall, Kylee and Michelle from beauty school all came over to make headbands! We had wayy too much fun. Oh how I love girls nights. Linds is the best friend, she knew how to brighten my day by making me cupcakes that said <3 y-o-u.
She's a gem. She always knows the right thing to say when I'm down. Micall and Michelle spent the night. We ate toast at 1am and read scriptures at 2:) We had many great laughs before bed. Oh how I love my friends. These girls are keepers.

Wed: Blind date. Fun Night! He introduced me to a Thai Place.. I tried new foods.. Anyone who knows me probably doesn't believe that I tried new things.. I had coconut soup. It's actually really good.. We had a lot of fun. We played cards in this park, saw a deer, looked at the stars, talked AND saw a shooting star. I love getting to know new people. We had good conversations and good laughs and the best part about it all is that we are opposites. Literally. His height: 6"10 My height:5' :)

I cantttttt wait for my family to get here tomorrow night. .. and for vegas with them. Life is good, I can't complain.

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Caitlin said...

oh how i love you!