Friday, July 24, 2009

Mr. Kenny Chesney

We drove to SLC last night to see.. THIS good lookin man live. He looked mighty fine in his cowboy hat.
We had SO much fun.. It was VERY hot.. Yes, Utah CAN get hot too, I found that out the hard way. I guess wearing a black shirt and jeans wasn't the smartest thing. We got there at 4:30, They had free creamies, drinks & food.
The opening acts were Lady Antebellem and Miranda Lambert, They both played for an hour each. They were so good! It was so much fun! I love spending time with Tara.
Us patiently waiting for THE Kenny Chesney.. He finally came! It was so much fun, everyone throughout the whole stadium were throwing beach balls up in the air. This was the best summer country concert EVER.
As Kenny says: "When the Sun Goes Down.. We'll be groovin.." We probably had too much fun..
It was such an amazing concert, We knew every song and danced our little hearts out, It was awesome, when he sang "Back Where I come From" The slideshow ended with a picture of the Salt Lake Temple. Oh how I love country music.



Boise Buhrley's said...

You know how to have fun girl! I loved the pictures and laughed because you guys looked like you were having way more fun then the people sitting behind you! Sad for them!:)

Monica said...

My little cowgirl!!! I love seeing you and Tara together! You are having way to much fun! Good for you---you deserve it!!! Love you way to much and can't wait to see you soon!

Amber said...

Yes, sad for them! I'm glad you had so much fun! The pictures with the people looking bored in the background made us laugh. I also love the one with the empty stadium. You were ready for the fun!! Love it.

Megs said...

Did you even do a wardrobe change during the concert?! Loving the pics!