Thursday, July 16, 2009


Lacey and I were OBSESSED with American Idol this year. We didn't miss an episode and always watched it together. This is the one show I get into and the only show I
watch all year. I love reality shows and singers so this is the show for me!! We bought tickets to the Idol Tour the night after we moved to Utah! We have been counting down the days for over a month! This week we went and it was BEYOND what we imagined!

Our tickets!

anxiously anticipating our favorite idols!

Us rockin out!

This was our faces when Anoop Dawg attempted to sing usher.
I love this picture! He was so good, I loved when he sang Rascal Flatts!

We don't find men who wear rhine stones, make up, paint their nails black and scream like a girl sexyyy... we were the ONLY ones sitting down and not watching his performance. sorry adam

Kris, OUR FAVORITE. I love his voice and how he plays the piano AND the guitar

ha. you prob can guess who i'm pointing at..
After the show, we got to meet all top ten! It was amazing! They were all SO close to us. My camera was dead, so we used Lacey's to get a picture with Danny.. His arms were around us and we tried taking a picture but the camera was dying.. it OF COURSE didn't work.. The security guards have to tell the idols to hurry.. so Danny was like follow me down the line.. We tried like four times and FINALLY got one! He was SO nice to us!
We met kris! Lacey told him she loved him haha. He signed my arm and then my ticket! It was awesome! It was such a fun night! I will always remember! What a great way to end a great season!

We are so glad we got to see this sexy face live AND meet him!

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michelle said...

It looks like you had a blast!!! How fun to see so much talent in one place! Love the pictures!