Monday, July 27, 2009

The more you praise and celebrate your life..

the more there is in life to celebrate.

This weekend was relaxing.

Saturday: busy day with clients, lacey & i worked out (it was my first time in like a whole year working out) I feel like I got ran over by a train... then we went to a spontaneous party at spoon me. It was a fun random crazy night.

yes, there's a story behind this picture...

our new friend rachel.

the gang

we didn't mean to match. we are just cool like that.

we ran into hilary and bree:)

Sunday: good church meeting. lace & i made dinner for our friends & then i watched the notebook with linds and her cute roomates. i adore all of them.

Today: slept in and went to lunch with my friend sarah! I hadn't seen her since i lived in St.Louis! It was so much fun catching up on memories we had together when we were twelve.

I love my phone conversations with my family this week. I talked to Mitch, Dad, Mom and Sis.. Jake's hard to get ahold of.. Last night Lauris and I talked for a whole hour. Right when we hung up we texted eachother.. dang sis we talked for a whole hour! haha! Oh how I love my family and CANT wait to be with them this weekend for the family re-union then VEGAS with them!

my cute sissy.. she gets excited to work out. i need to be more like her.

my cute parents who are in santa fe new mexico!

*song for the day: "dont worry about a thing"

"Ever been misunderstood, misused, or misled

Ever knocked on the sky and had it fall on your head

well, don't worry 'bout it, don't worry

Life is funny, life's a mess Sometimes a curse, sometimes a blessing

Don't worry 'bout a thing, don't worry 'bout it

Life gets sticky, life can bruise

Sometimes you win sometimes your losing

No matter what it brings

dont worry bout a thing<3."

p.s I bought tickets at 2 am for keith urban.. somebody needs to ssstop me .. i have this sudden obsession with concerts. I love them way too much. I'm sooo excited to see this sexy face liiiiive.
that's all.


Meg said...

Love you!! It sounded like you were having TONS of fun tonight too!!

Meg said...

I like your song for the day, you know a song for everything! love you

Meg said...

By the way the first comment was by me Meg.. the second was by your Grandma :) silly huh!