Saturday, July 25, 2009

Days Off ...

are just like heaven.

yesterday was AMAZING!

It consisted of ..

-sleeping in very late

-laundry & cleaning

- & spending time with this fun guy.

(We played a very intense game of bowling with his cousins and it was a very fun friday night).

p.s it rained. oooh how i loooove when it rains at night.


Monica said...

You deserve to enjoy your day off, you hard worker! I am so impressed and proud of you! You are such a hard worker! I love your photos! I want that Laundry room! I might have to steal the idea and paint my laundry room blue! I love it and I love you! Loved talking to you today! I always need my Jossie talk time!!!

marilyn said...

Wow you made the laundry room beautiful I will have to come downstairs and see what you have done Ha Ha. You make doing laundry fun, I love you!!!!!!

gogglegal said...

I think this really is a dream to sleep in that bedroom and do laundry in those machines! How do you do it? You are too cute! Love you