Sunday, July 12, 2009

LAURISA- the light of my life

Lauris came for a whole week. We had sooo much fun. I LOVE her so much. I ditched school one day.. we went shopping, went to the campus and had a taco bell picnic.. We went bike riding one day and slip in slide! SO fun! We were always doing something. I miss her the second she left. I loved having her to cuddle and LOVED introducing her to people. Dang she's my WHOLE world. Here are some favorite pictures from the week!

The night she got here Lace & I had home-made enchiladas ready!! yummmm!


They came in to get their hair done!
we love kylee :)
FOREVER21. we loved shopping.

THE sexay pink door!

cutest random polka-dot guitar.

we love jammin out with the windows rolled down

slip n slide!

the fourth!

bike riding on a PERFECT sunny day.

we had too much fun taking pictures.

softball game! it was funny.. cause i was already there and lauris came without knowing i was there. it was fun being with her:)

i want ris to move here. she's my whole world. im so glad i have her for eternity.


Meg said...

SOOOO fun!! Glad you have each other!

Melissa said...

You and your sis are so cute! Fun pictures :)

marilyn said...

Forever sisters I love seeing the two of you together and with your brothers too, there is so much love in your family its so wonderful to be a part of such a great family, You two have been like twins your whole life!