Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cousin Fun!

My cute cousins came to visit from Idaho! It was so much fun beacuse they all came in to me to get their hair done.

Mitch said that It didn't take longer than when he usually gets it done! That was the best compliment ever!

Gracie loved every second of me cutting her hair, the shampoo was her favorite part.

Justin was such a wiggly worm.. it was so cute. He kept smiling in the mirror the whole time. After he said he looved his haircut but doesn't love the itchies. He went home and showered and said he even had itchies in his hair! ha! so cute!

I highlighted Mandy's hair and it turned out so pretty! She loved it! It was cute, she told Grandma that I'm SO good and she likes it better than what she had before. She made me feel so good! She read magazines while I did her hair.. she's going on twenty!

Jac came in to be with us while I did Mandy's hair! I curled her beautiful hair!

We had corn on the cob later than night and it was soo yummy!

I love all the hugs, kisses and smiles I constantly get from little Gracie.

It's so much fun living by my cute cousins and having them visit!


Meg said...

Great job Jos!! Aren't they just squishable! Love them!

michelle said...

It looks like your having so much fun with family!!! Those girls are so lucky to have you there!

Amber said...

Adorable!! We need to come take a turn!

Boise Buhrley's said...

my kids look soooo cute,
if i do say so myself!!!!:)
I am so glad you posted pictures, i am missing them! You did such a GREAT job! They just adore you and Mandi REALLY does LOVE how you did her hair, the cut and color. What a lucky girl!!! love you!!