Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Together Forever, No matter WHAT!

Can I just say how much i love my family & how incredibly grateful I am that we can be sealed forever? It was SO much fun to have everyone together. It was my favorite Whiting Re-Union so far! My family got to Utah on Thursday night. I was jumping up and down near the street.. I COULDN'T wait to see them. There is nothing like the feeling of hugging your family members after being away from them. I've always had them near me my whole life.. so this whole living in a new state thing is a change for me. I appreciate them SO much. My Mom brought me more of my clothes and gave me some of her clothes! I feel like I have a new wardrobe now!!

Friday: Mom and Sis came into my school to get their hair done! It was so much fun showing them around where I spend most of my time. My Mom gave me THE best tip I've ever had.. A CHI straightner. I've been wanting one so bad, but have decided I could live without it.. but now that I have it, I know I CAN'T live without it!

Family Reunion: Day 1: Everyone met up at "This Is The Place" Monument!

The day was filled with asking complete strangers to take pictures of us, yummy food, everyone taking turns singing at an old theater, pretending to be in school at an old school house with a very strict pretend teacher, candlestick making, riding horses, seeing old homes and our relatives home and TONS more pictures. My dad thinks he's so clever.. he kept calling us the Hinkley- Monson group everywhere we went.. It actually got our family to come! haha:)

oh how i love my beautiful mom & sis.

The first season of Whiting Idol is going to be very hard to beat. I was laughing so hard the whole time. Uncle Matt was Simon.. Aunt Jill was Paula and my Mom was the best Kara ever! I loved hearing the judges comments after the performances! My Dad sang Muscular and it was HILARIOUS. The best part that he tried to memorize it word for word.. but it was hard for him .. the family likes when he makes up his own words anyway! Laurisa and I sang "Sisters" I love the lyrics.. Sisters, Sisters .. never were there such devoted sisters.. Many men have tried to split us up but NO one can.. Oh help the mister who comes between me and my sister! :)It was so much fun seeing all the cousins perform.. Grandma and Grandpa were Sonny & Cher and sang "I got you babe" It was sooo so funny! They were awesome. . It made it even better that Aunt Jolyn & Uncle Lou were Sonny and Cher and sang the same song without even knowing! Lets just say we all are going to Hollywood!

We went to the High School where High School Musical 3 was filmed. We had so much fun standing where Zac Efron was! We loved taking pictures jumping up in the air just like in the movie!

We had fun the next morning on our walk at Bridal Veil Falls. Utah's so beautiful in the summer. I love the greenery, smell of flowers, the water falls/creeks and the peaceful breeze.
Matching shirts, jeans and shoes:)

Daddy's little girls.

We did a ropes course. It was so much fun to do challenging things as a family. Their were zip lines and swings that dropped from 40 feet.. I screamed the whole time .. but did it:) It was so much fun seeing everyone cheer eachother on and over come their fears! It was so awesome to see how hard things were possible if you had faith and did it with family. I love my precious family.

It was so much fun having Great Grandma Whiting with us part of the day! She is such an amazing woman! She is ALWAYS thinking of others. We cherish her. She watched us at the Ropes Course!

We went to Nuns park where Meg prepared us YUMMY food and an amazing cookie dessert! We played charades and had many good laughs!
I love random family time full of yummy food, games, music, pictures, stories and laughs.

i have such a fuuun family

One of my favorite reuinons I will always remember!


Families are Forever, Thank Goodness.


Vogels said...

Chi is awesome! I've had my straightener for 3 years it!

Meg said...

What a great weekend!! Loved it!! That is the first time I heard about the Chi!! How AWESOME!! SO happy for you!
Love you and by the way Utah missed you.. glad you are back!

Monica said...

What a treat to get to be with my beautiful daughter. You always make everything so much fun! And you are definetely fun to spoil! It was so much fun to see your darling apartment and get to be spoiled at your salon! I felt like a celebrity with my fancy do! You are such a great stylus!
It was so sad this morning when we all woke up and you weren't with us! It definetely wasn't the same with out you! Love this post! Such cute pictures!!! Love, Mom

marilyn said...

Great review Jos I agree it was the best reunion ever, I don't know how we can top it for next time. What a great family and how wonderful it is to all be together, families are amazing and I am soooo thankful for ours! love you thanks for the great post!!!!