Sunday, July 19, 2009

Live like you Believe

Today I have spent most of my time on, reading, pondering and feeling such gratitude for my savior, the gospel, friends and family.

I've spent a lot of time this week texting my Dad, talking on web cam and the phone. He means so much to me. I can feel his love even though I'm so far away. I know with all my heart that My Dad and Father in Heaven will always protect and love me and will never let me down.

My Dad said that the sister missionaries knocked on their door and asked for directions to the stake center.. My Dad asked how they knew that we were lds. . they said they were driving past our house and saw a picture of christ lit up through the window and knew without a doubt we were members and we could give them directions. I love this.. It just shows that through our example and things we have in our house, people can know that we believe in Christ.

My favorite saying right now, "Live like you believe, Live like you know."

I want people to take one look at me and know that I follow Christ.
The world is getting so bad.. It just makes me want to hold on to the good things in life and go to the temple, church and stand in holy places. I went to a comedy the other week and walked out because I was so shocked at what people thought was funny. It was the first time I've ever been offended by someone.. they totally were mocking our church. It makes me wonder why people make fun of a religion that is based on Christ and is always there for people in need. I love this gospel with all my heart, and I know it is so true, not because I was raised in the gospel but because I have lived the gospel and experienced happiness by living it. I'm so grateful for the atonement that makes it possible for us to return to him again. I'm also so grateful that you can have your heart made whole again through the atonement.

Things that I'm grateful for..

this face, friendship, example and everlasting love

My amazing perfect parents who are always there for me and have the relationship i want someday for eternity.

My stud brothers that make me feel so loved and are very protective of me:)

Utah-for letting me start fresh and enjoy the people in it. I love that everyone's so kind here. I love the weather, greenery and the people I've met here.

My amazing grandparents who pretty much give me everything they have. They are so loving and giving.

My FUN roomie who puts up living with the crazy person I am!

A future career that I love very much.

Music in my life

The beach and this beautiful world

My loving savior, who understands how i feel one hundred percent and who is watching over me.

This temple that I pass by every morning. I LOVE the temple.


Cassie said...

i love that song. and i feel you on the dad thing. there is just something about a daddy-daughter bond. nothing beats it.

Meg said...

Live like you believe is my FAVORITE EFY song!

Boise Buhrley's said...

Thank you for sharing your testimony. What a lift in my day. Gratitude is such a blessing and gift. love you sweet girl.

Amber said...

Thanks for the inspiration! Your testimony made my day.

Cherie said...

Joslyn, I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog~I'm a friend of your Mom's (met her on the chick cruise).....this post was so inspiring to me tonight....I can tell you are amazing just like your Mom! You have a beautiful testimony and I'm so glad you shared it and that I came from your Mom's blog to yours tonight! Your Mom's friend from GA~Cherie

Monica said...

Joslyn you truly are an inspiration to all! You bless so many lives with yours. Your life is a gift and you are a gift to me and all that know you! Heavenly Father must really love me to send me you! Thanks for sharing your wonderful spirit and testimony it made this mother very inspired and happy! I love you so very much----best friend!