Monday, May 4, 2009

My Spontaneous California Trip

Tara and I both decided to go on a road trip to California this weekend to celebrate her birthday and me getting my cosmetology licence! It was SOOO much fun!! I spent the night at Tara's house and we woke up at like six thirty and went to Einstein's for breakfast then we were on our way!

I know, I know, I look sooo tired!

Our first stop. Half way to Cali:)

Meet Gretchen: Tara & Kyle's GPS. My favorite thing tara said on the trip: "Gretchen, you're making me look bad!" haha:)

We went to Hunington went to Bj's for lunch, the beach and shopped! Well we didn't end up getting anything, so we basically browsed!:) It felt SO going there and to make new memories! The weather had a crisp breeze that was amazing!

I love this picture I took with a surfer on the left! Gotta Love Cali!

Then we drove to our hotel and got ready to go to the movies! It was SO much fun!

Our Hotel:) It was nice!

Gettin Ready!

This was the cutest shopping center and movie theater area! So pretty!

We went to bed at like ten thirty then woke up at nine! It was so nice to get such good sleep! We got there right when Six Flags opened! We literally had NO lines AT ALL!! It was soo much fun! Our favorite rides were Tatsu, Riddlers Revenge and Goliath! Tatsu- you feel like you are flying because you are on your stomach the whole ride! I totally took a picture on the ride!

Daffy Duck & i

Bugs and I! He's blushing:)

On our way home we stopped at the Outlets! I haven't shopped in the longest time! I've been really good at saving. I felt bad after because I'm not used to spending so Tara kept trying to make me feel better:) What would I do without her?

On our way home. We had so much fun. It was fun just talking and letting music take us back to highschool days. I love tara! It was a fun relaxing and much needed get away:) Her hubby is in Iraq serving for our country! He comes home this summer and she's moving to Colorado with him for a whole year. I will miss her very much. I love my best friend. We will always remember this fun sponaneous fun trip to Cali!


The Cottams said...

Yes I love it! We had so much fun. I love you so much girl! You are the best.


Casey said...

Tatsu is the most amazing ride ever huh? I LOVE IT.

Craig and Kristin Breinholt said...

I was in California last weekend too. I wish we got to go to Six Flags :-( It looks like so much fun!

Melissa said...

You two are sooo cute!! What a fun girls trip! I love that Tara and Kyle named their GPS because we did too. Ours is Silvia :)