Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When certain doors in life close, many other windows are opened

This is my motto right now. I love being in a new place. I feel I can take deep breaths and feel SO free. Lacey and I are loving it so much and Its only the second day and we haven't even met anyone yet! Here are pictures of our cute apartment!!!

-Our cute little table. Notice the adorable Chettah Placemats!!

-Our little picture frame I made Lacey for her 16th birthday! Who knew it would make a cute decoration in our apartment more than four years later??
-Our stove.. We weren't terribly hungry, so we had a cheese crisp last night:)

-Our Fridge: Nothing like a full fridge!
-Our long hallway!

-Our cute bathroom!
-Lace in her room:)
-Her Stash of lotions and perfumes! See Mom. I could've brought mine! HA! But you're right.. less is more!
-My FAVORITE thing about my room. My HUGE closet!!! I went from having a closet in my parents garage that broke all the time to THISSSS!
I know, I know. Too many headbands. I'm an addict.

My Daily Dosage of HOT guys! Hey, a single girl's gotta do what a single girl's gotta do right?

*Story: Life was just dandy and We were going to Walmart again and Lace parked over a puddle and as I was getting out.. my phone OF COURSE fell out of my purse and face planted INTO the huge muddy puddle. It was done for.

$160 dollars later: I got this baby. I love it, but hated that I had to spend that when my phone was fairly new.. dang. I have BAD luck when it comes to electronics, I swear.

Well, We are LOVING utah and We cant wait to see this sexy face live!!


Caitlin said...

Jos you are TOO adorable! I'm so glad you are loving it!!! Miss you mama!!

Monica said...

Looks like you have really settled in! I told you that you'd love it so much you might not want to leave. I love how you documented everything it feels like you gave me a tour. I just love blogging. You need to tell Trudy to get on so she can feel apart of it! I'm sure you'll get Lacey blogging soon enough!
SO sorry about your phone. Looks like you handled it amazingly. I would have still been sick about it. You are my example. Why not make the best of it there is nothing you can do. Laurisa would say "It doesn't matter...it's in the past!
Love your post!!! I'm so excited and happy for you two!

Amber said...

It is so fun to see how fun you are having! Brings back great memories of setting up my room at Grandma Wrights, my first year of college. Love you!