Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You can never find new oceans unless you learn to have the courage to lose sight of the shore

Yet again our Dove chocolate quote for the day!:)

I couldn't wait to blog about our first day in Utah!

First we both slept in til 10:30. I guess me staying up til 3:30 ish with my Mom the night before and driving ten hours and staying up late to unpack caught up with me! We made a list of things we needed like..

-Dove Chocolate
-wireless internet
-trash bags
-kitchen towels/paper towel rack
-place mats
-a to do list with magnetic

You could only imagine how much fun we had getting this stuff.

First Stop. Walgreens. Ya we had to get our love- Dove Chocolate.

Next Stop: Best Buy. We don't really get how the whole wireless internet thing works. Lace: "Jos, ask a cute guy to help us" Me: Ok! I will! Maybe.. I'm not used to looking for cute guys.. because he was definetly not cute. . but hey, he looked like he was a computer nerd.. that's what we needed right?
So it was really funny because we sounded so dumb when we asked questions about plugging in a router. Last but not least apparently we looked so lost that a guy, not to mention HOT guy asked us if we were looking for the check out! haha. We ruined all chances with that guy. OH WELL!

3rd Stop: Wal Mart. Who knew you could spend almost 2 hours in Wal Mart Grocery shopping and getting stuff for our apartment??
We were so excited because we found a FIVE dollar toaster!! (:
We came back and made our first meal in our apartment- Turkey Sandwich's!
We went to the Mall to check it out and then later on had yummy barbeque dinner with the Heaps and Grandma & Grandpa. So fun!
I love being close to Family. It's so much fun. Little Emily says the cutest things ever and she totally helped me put my clothes in my closet and kept saying Joslyn, I'm so happy you're here!

P.S We bought tickets to the american idol live tour!! YA BABAYYY!


marilyn said...

Our house is smiling, its wonderful having Joslyn and Lacy and its great to see Jos so happy, we all love having them here. And we even got to have Mitch and three of his friends for a day before they went to byu to efy. Family is GREAT!!!!

Heaps Family said...

YES,it is true We are all so happy you are here! We love your pick of friends too! Emily was devestated when she realized she can't see you EVERY SINGLE DAY! Thanks for letting her call you :) We are so happy you are in Utah!

Monica said...

This post made me so happy! I love seeing what you are up to! I am so excited for your new adventure! You always have such an amazing attitude. I loved our conversations yesterday! I love how you are making your own decisions that are best for you! You are amazing!
I love seeing you have a REAL closet! Yeah! Emily adores you....well I should say everyone does! Tell Lacey hi, help her get started on a blog. It would be so good for her and her mom would love seeing it! It makes a mom happy!

Boise Buhrley's said...

Love this post! This brought back so many fun- and funny memories! Although, for us it was a yogurt pretzel addiction instead of dove chocolate. We thought we were being "healthy" Ha, then we found out the truth--we should have gone for the DOVE! I laugh thinking of all bags and bags of pretzels we ate!

I am so happy for you. Lacey is darling and I can just here you both laughing. OH, and I'm pretty sure that "hot" guy was looking for an excuse to talk to 2 amazingly "hot" girls. Watch out Utah, the Arizona girls have arrived.

I love you!!