Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I have THE BEST Mom In the whole entire WORLD! She is such an example to so many. My Mom is always serving others and is friends to all. She's always smiling and looks at the postive. If you went to the grocery store, you would see my Mom either talking to a complete stranger in line or reconecting with an old friend. My Mom really is such an amazing person. She has such a strong testimony of how the Gospel brings happiness. There is not a day that goes by where she doesn't say " I LOVE my Family!" throughout the house. It's fun because My Mom and Ris and I share everything. It's like I have two sisters. I really do have the best Mom. I'm going to miss her bread SO much when I go to Utah. I also LOVE my parents relationship. It's what I want to have with my future spouse. It's crazy cause sometimes when I laugh or talk I sound just like my Mom. I love it because I want to be just like my Mom. Lauris says when she goes out of town I BECOME Mom.. maybe It's cause I give ris a curfew?:) My Mom has always taught us to make right choices, but always made it clear that its our choice. She has always eaten healthy and taught us too.. so when we were little she would say having Sugar was our choice. Haha! I love it! I wish I still turned down sugar.. My Mom truly is always thinking of everyone else. Pure example: When my Mom broke her wrist and was in the hospital, she asked my Dad If he can find a way to get us to a skating party we had planned. She has ALWAYS supported us in EVERYTHING we have done. My Mom has always let me do everything I've wanted growing up. . like singing lessons, dance lessons, cheer, musicals and more. She's the most supportive Mom I know. She believes in each one of her kids and is such a great example of how It's important to be happy with who you are. My Mom has always been stylish and fun.. What Mom texts her kids, wears true religions and has a facebook? I love when its late at night and when she laughs.. she has the cutest giggle. She always wants to know what is going on in our lives. It's fun because we share everything with our Mom. I love how these past couple months I've been able to feel so close to her again. She feels my pain and goes through what I go through.I'm SO lucky to have her! I love you Mom, Happy Birthday!

Here are some my favorite old pictures of My Mom and I.

I love being her oldest. We have such a special bond that we will ALWAYS protect.

This is my favorite picture of us at the Zoo. She always made sure we went on vacations and had such a fun childhood.

This is a collage of my favorite pictures from this year.

These are my favorite picture of my Mom and it shows how fun she is. This was this Easter! Hope I dont get in trouble for posting this:)

I have the best Mom. I'm SO lucky we are Sealed forever. Happy Birthday to the best Mom in the world.


Janelle said...

Happy birthday! Your Mom is so amazing and her children are too. What a blessing it is to have such a close bond with your Mom.

Heaps Family said...

I agree with EVERYTHING you said! You do have such an amazing mom! We are all better people for knowing and having her a part of our lives! I love you Monica...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Is this the big 50??? :)

Christina said...

Your mom is amazing ! I love the pictures!! Your mom and dad will always be "one of the kids"! (with maturity of course!) :) Happy Birthday, Monica!

Ging said...

Oh, Josie....that describes your mom to a tee! She is awesome! But you know what???? You are awesome too, and have so many of her great qualities! I have always admired your family. Holli loves you so nuch, and she would always tell me she wanted to have a family just like yours! You all are truly an example of an Eternal Family! Love you so much!

marilyn said...

Ditto ditto, you do have the greatest mom and as a result great fantastic kids, and moms appreciate kids that are so grateful and obedient like you Jos you are amazing and will be a amazing Mom but first a wife love you