Monday, May 25, 2009

It's Never Too Late For a Fresh Start

This is our dove chocolate quote for the day. LOVE IT!!

Our trip to Utah!! Lacey's brother Landon and his friend Jake drove their truck up with us. Thank goodness or else I dunno how we would have fit our stuff:)

We took random stops on the way..

This made us laugh so hard. Landon took his Mom's flower couch to put in his apartment full of guys! We got a lot of good laughs. Wouldn't you?

We arrived and it was rainy and COLD. Good thing I brought my UGG boots:) It will warm up hopefully? Where's my Arizona Sun?!
Good thing Utah's beautiful and we are loving it so far! We were un packing til 12:30 a.m. What can we say? We were way too excited.

p.s it really feels good having a fresh start. REALLY GOOD
I do miss my family deeply, but its fun getting texts and pictures from them. I'm a lucky girl.

My parents went and got yogurt tonight and sent me this picture. My dad never fails to make me laugh.


Monica said...

I love that Dove quote! You and Lacey got me hooked on them! I'm so excited that you are blogging while you are away because it makes me still feel apart of your life!
I love this post! Those pictures of you and Lacey are so cute in your rooms! You are going to love your fresh start!
I can't believe you put that picture on of Dad and I! We were just goofing around! We are lonely with you and miss you already!

Sarah Jane said...

Jos, I am so glad that you like it!

The Cottams said...

Aw Jos I miss you so much:( I'm so happy you're having such a good time already and got to do this. You deserve a good time. I hope you have sooo much fun! I love you best friend!

Amber said...

It was so fun to see you! We can't wait to make headbands! See you on Sunday!! LOVE YOU, Jos!