Friday, May 29, 2009

Utah: my new home

Song of the Day.

Chorus from Boston

I think I'll go to (Utah).
I think I'll start a new life
I think I'll start it over
Where NO ONE knows my name.

*I'm here. . and no one knows my name. It's a crazy feeling. I love it though. I needed to start over and am so glad that Utah let me come. I'm excited to start meeting people and to start school.

I've been thinking about the conference talk "Get on with our lives" lately. These are my favorite parts. The four steps that help us prepare for change.

-How can we then best prepare for the changes we must face as we progress through life?

First, follow the prophets. Listen to and abide by the counsel. Prophets often raise a voice of warning but also provide steady counsel to help us weather the storms of life. “Whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same.” Prophets help us confront the changes and challenges we constantly face.

Second, keep an eternal perspective. Understand that change and challenges are part of God’s plan. By design life is a time of testing or a time “to see if they will do all things whatsoever the Lord their God shall command them” In order to test our use of our God-given agency, we as mortals undergo a series of changes, challenges, trials, and temptations as we proceed through life. Only then are we properly tested.

“For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things. If not so, . . . righteousness could not be brought to pass, neither wickedness, neither holiness nor misery, neither good nor bad”
Life’s challenges and changes provide opportunities for us to grow as we exercise our agency in making righteous decisions.

Third, have faith. President Gordon B. Hinckley always encouraged members of the Church to move forward with faith As we daily confront a world full of negativity, doubt, fear, and even dread can creep into our hearts. “Faith and doubt cannot exist in the same mind at the same time, for one will dispel the other”. In Moroni we read that “without faith there cannot be any hope." We must exercise faith to take on life’s challenges and changes. It is how we learn and progress.

Fourth, be of good cheer. Many of us across the globe are facing challenges. At such times it is easy to feel forgotten. During the early, difficult days of the Church, the Lord counseled the Saints to be happy: “Be of good cheer, little children; for I am in your midst, and I have not forsaken you”

I feel utah is where I'm supposed to be right now. I know Heavenly Father's with me still. He has never left me. It feels so good to be in a place where no one knows my name yet or my situation and I can start over. I LOVE IT!

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Christina said...

Beautiful! Thank you!