Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A fun weekend with the Cute Dover Kids!

These kids have sooo much love and were so much fun to watch. These are my favorites things they said throughout our fun weekend!

1.Colby came out of bed and said this "Dawson.. Yo da best babysitto I've evo had." It seriously brought a tear to my eye.

2.Me: You girls are the cutest girls ever! Syd- "You are the cutest adult girl ever!"

3.After a huge hug Mia said "I love you SO much Joslyn"

4.Syd & Mia prayed that they wont have bad dreams, and if they are going to, to not have any at all.

Day 1: We went to Freestone park to feed the ducks and play at the park! The weather was AMAZING! The kids LOVED it.

We went to Ocean Blue for yogurt! This place is AMAZING. It's self serve Ice Cream and its YUMMY!

Day 2
Mia and Colby had Soccer Games! Mia is the only girl on her team and its ADORABLE! We had so much fun playing at the park, making sandwiches and having a picnic while watching the games!

We went to Chuck E Cheese after the games! Jensen came with us! Colby and Jensen LOVE playing together. They are the cutest cousins! It was so cute Syd picked out matching rings for her, her cousin Brescia and her Sister! She's always thinking of others! We all did the hokey pokey with Chuck E and he threw tickets up in the air for the kids to catch!

We went to the mall to ride the carousel! The kids chose to go on the teacup and I was on the horse watching. I got so dizzy just watching! It was funny after, they said how dizzy they were but they wanted to do it again! No thank you!

We ended the day going swimming! We had so much fun! The kids kept talking me into jumping into the pool.. even though it was cold!

We ended the night with opening presents from their Mom and Dad! It was the cutest pj's, candy and a movie! They loved getting the suprises! It was a sleepover for sure!

Day 3
We went to church and then came home went on a walk, colored and had a photoshoot! We had such a fun weekend! Thanks Kim & Ger for letting me watch your cute kiddos!!

Here's a collage of Random Pictures. Notice all 3 kids wanted to take a picture of them acting like they were driving. They are so cute.


Casey said...

Oh my gosh lady. How many families do you babysit/nanny for? Every time you post about it it seems like they are different kids! You lucky duck. You get to touch the lives of so many kids!

Sarah Jane said...

Joslyn. You are so darling. And, every time I read these nannying posts I think of the time that we babysat five kids at the Bundersons. Remember?

Kim said...

Joslyn! You are amazing! The kids are STILL talking about how much fun they had with you! They always want to walk over and visit. ;-) And Colby is still talking about Paco. ha ha! My kids usually HATE dogs so I think that's so great they finally have at least one dog they are not scared of. AND! Those pics had me laughing out loud and smiling like crazy- so dang cute. My kids are such cheesers for the camera huh?!? Man, you guys were busy doing so many fun things. They loved every minute with you- it's not hard to see why they love you so much- you are so fun, patient, loving, kind, creative, energetic, beautiful, and so down to earth they could totally be themselves around you. I love that. I also loved reading the cute things they said to you. THANKS SOOO MUCH! Talk to you soon.

She has a story to tell-Naavie Leigh Photography. said...


It sounds like you all had an absolute blast! I love those three kids so much. There dariling, arent they? I bet that had so much fun with you girl!

Sarah M.