Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hannah Montana Movie

The movie was adorable! I loved it!! Rascal Flatts & Taylor swift were even in it!! It took place in Tennessee. It made me miss living in a small town. It was such a cute movie + the main guy in it is very attractive! Lacey, Tara, Liz, Shannon & I went.. We had the whole theater to ourselves! It was perfect because no one cared if we sang along:)

Ya, He's cute.


marilyn said...

I can't beleieve the theater was empty, it broke ticket records, I have heard it was really cute, guess I will have to see it. Love you

Joslyn Marie said...

cute! I love him! love paige breinholt

Boise Buhrley's said...

Mandi wants to see this movie! It sounds like I will like it to!