Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Rascal Flatt's new cd Unstoppable came out today!! Lacey and I went and got it:) It's a tradition for us to go get Rascal Flatt's cd's everytime they come out! I think this was our third cd we've gotten together!:) It's an amazing cd. I LOVE them. I never ever get sick of Rascal Flatt's music and have never once not liked one of their songs!! Lacey and I are getting really excited to move to utah together!! It's coming up! Less than 2 months!!!

p.s we are in love with the guitar player, jon. He's the hottest guitar player EVVVERRR. Agree?:)


Monica said...

I can't believe you didn't share it with your sister! I think that is a first!!! I'm so glad you got it...I know you were really looking forward to it!
You and Lacey are such darling friends! It still seems like you were in 8th grade together!
What a fun tradition!

Chelsea Hebting said...

I'm sooo jealous!!! I need to go get their cd fast! :) Oh and I so agree he is soooo hott!! :)

Ging said...

Gotta love the Rascal's!!!!! It was fun seeing you on Easter. I love you Josie, you are so awesome! You make me happy!