Friday, April 24, 2009

Breinholt Kids!

These kids are THE cutest! Three girls and one baby boy! Its fun because the incentives with girls are if you do this..then i'll put glitter on your eyes! It works every time! While their parents were away in mexico.. We had too much fun! The Hannah Montana Movie Soundtrack was playing 24-7. We even learned the hoe down throwdown dance from the movie!

These girls LOVE playing dress ups! They put on dress after dress and even took turns wearing my high heels and having a photoshoot. I brought all my headbands over because they LOVE wearing them. It was so cute in the mornings, they would pick out a headband and then go choose their outfit for the day! It was fun Lauris was babysitting one afternoon, so we took them all to the park, Including Roxy. They had so much fun and so did we:) Brooklyn let ME pull her tooth out!! I was so excited! It was so much fun.. she didn't even feel it come out! I'm a pro naturally! Who knew? :) The next morning she said the tooth fairy left her tooth along with money... I guess it happened with her last tooth that came out too! Good thing! I told her the tooth fairy must have known she wanted to keep it! Phew! She is so cute toothless!! I have so many pictures of these kids.. I thought It would be fun to do a collage for each one. The oldest is Paige. She's so cute. She reminds me of myself when I was younger. She is extremly responsible, a big helper and a wonderful big sister. Brooklyn is the toothless one! She is so fun. She loves taking pictures and texting on my phone. Her and Paige are best friends, It's too cute. Regan is three going on thirteen! Her favorite phrase is "that's super cute." It's SO adorable. Jensen came over to play one day and they watched a movie together. They are the cutest. Jensen told Regan that he's going to ma-wee her in the temple someday. They have a little Romance going on! Brigham is the baby boy. His sisters spoil him! They call him Buddy. It's so adorable. He really is the easiest baby i've ever watched. I LOVE his church clothes. He's even cute when he cries. How does that work? Notice his headband.. ya the girls dress him up! I love how he crosses his legs when he sits. He is such a squishable boy. They wanted me to be their fourth sister, but then thought about it and said that their is no room for me to sleep. Oh how I love kids.


The Breinholts said...

Oh, Jos, can we keep you?! There has never been a better babysitter. You are amazing...thanks!

Ging said...

How fun for those kids! They are adorable! They are lucky to have you! You are going to be a fun mom one of these days!!

Heaps Family said...

You are amazing with kids! My kids won't want you to ever leave! It's almost here!!!!