Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Congratulations Abby & Chris! They are the cutest couple ever! Abby's shower was so fun and cute! She is marrying into a great family and we love her soon to be sister in law:) Congrats Abby! You are going to be the most beautiful bride!

Tara came down for the weekend!! It was so much fun having her here! We went and got the cutest swim suits and she came to my sister's fireside with LIGHT. It was amazing btw, the spirit is SO STRONG. I had chill's the whole fireside. Their testimonies really show through their music. Christ lives and is there to take our pain and burden away. I've never felt the atonement in my life so strong, He has carried me through these few months. Without my Lord and Savior I wouldn't be strong. I thank him every day for the strength he gives me and the ability he gives me to forgive and forget. It's amazing. Anyway.. People came over to Tara's and we played games with her Dad til one in the morning! They have such fun games and more than I could ever even count! I spent the night and Tara and I talked til 3 am! We had so much fun!!

Here's a picture of us in high school. Ya. I know, We look so young!


Chelsea Hebting said...

You are so right that fireside was amazing and the spirit was SOOO strong! It was a great reminder of our Savior's love for us! You have very amazing and talented sister! :)

Sarah Jane said...

Jos! I know Tara. She was in my ward here freshman year. I love her!

Kim said...

Whew! You are one busy girl! So fun to see what you have been up to. Spring break looked like a blast between the cabin and Rocky Point. And thanks so much for coming to the shower- it was so fun to have you there. I LOVE YOUR HAIRCUT! It makes me want to chop mine! You are so gorgeous. And so amazing. Love your insights into the gospel and your opptimism and eternal perspective on life. You are an example for me. The girlies are excited to have you watch them soon!