Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Easter was amazing!
1st: Nana always goes all out and has her whole house decorated. We have yummy food, candy, easter egg hunts die easter eggs and have contests of all kinds! The easter eggs are filled with money and Grandpa Paul hides the eggs. . He's very good! My siblings all got double the easter eggs. I'm not very fast at finding them.. maybe it's my height??

Us. Showing off our eggs! Of course mine is glittery!

2nd: Easter Sunday was wonderful. Mom wanted to take our tradition easter pictures.. However It turned into a photo shoot! It was fun though!

The Girls.

The Boys.

3rd: Traditional Easter Dinner at Aunt Lynelle's house! It was so much fun seeing family. They are so much fun to be with. You can't leave their without laughing. It was so good to see my great-grandma too! I'm so blessed to have all four of my great grandma's alive right now! Easter was amazing. I loved that I got to spend it with my family. The people who i love most. <3


marilyn said...

It makes me soooo homesick, I'm so glad you took such great pictures, great Easter Pictures you all look so glamorous, you can really tell that Mitch is 16 and ready to date, so handsome and Jake is so dang cute and Jos and Laurisa and their mom that looks like their sister wow, and Wade is quite handsome too! We miss you guys soooo much

Heaps Family said...

We think your family is so dang cute! I think those family pictures are my favorite yet! I absolutely LOVE them!!! YOu are awesome! we love you!