Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ice Skating with THE cutest boys

This morning I got a text from Susie that said Jensen wants to know if I can go Ice skating with them! I was SO excited, I couldn't believe he wanted me to go. I thought it was so cute. She told me Jensen's morning prayer after he found out I could go went like this.. "Thank you fo letting Joswin be able to go ice skating today." If that isn't the cutest thing I don't know what is! I love these kids! It is truly amazing how kids can heal broken hearts.They helped heal mine in so many ways. They are so pure, innocent and have SO much love to give! We had so much fun at Polar Ice! NO ONE was there half of the time! We basically had our private skating rink! It was Jensen's first time.. He did a really good job! Marcus was so speedy that when we raced, he totally beat me! He's 8.. I'm 20.. Something's wrong with that!! It was fun because they played the highschool musical sound track! It's like they did it just for us! I hadn't been skating for a long time, so It was fun!

Me & the cutest 4 year old I know.

Right after Marcus beat me!

I loved this candid shot.

I love Ice Skating!


Boise Buhrley's said...

When I saw your post title--I though I was going to see you skating with Zac Efron! But, I wasn't dissapointed--these are CUTIES! Joswin- you are so easy to LOVE.

marilyn said...

You are so easy to love and Kids do heal hearts they just have a special way of no other in their innocence and honesty, you just remember how much you are loved!