Sunday, April 5, 2009

Boys will be Boys!!

I love these boys! They are the cutest I watched them for 3 days & two nights. They literally ran circles around me though... While I was changing the babies diaper, I came back to this... How could I tell them that they were naughty for doing this.. look at these faces! They cleared out the pantry so they could sit on the shelf.
They are such sweet boys. McGwire calls me his girlfriend and he calls me everyday. He calls me Joslie, It's the cutest thing ever! They were so helpful, they helped me mop the floor. Mitch came over one night and they loved that! We went to Taco Bell and McGwire just had to order. I love this picture.
Parks loves to hold my phone.. It looks like he's texting!
They LOVE being outside.
Samson is so good at uno! He beat me MANY times! He's also very good at Monopoly! The boys thought they were so funny.. Gannon came in with his underwear on his head and McGwire had both of his legs in one hole! They are best friends, It's so cute.. They always go everywhere together.
They have so much love to give, McGwire would give me huge hugs and say I love you, Joslie. It just melts my heart! I took them to target to get a birthday present for one of their friends and I got so many stares. People would come up to me and say.. you're way too young to have four kids. It was funny. The only way I could have them stay near me was to put all three of the little ones in the cart!
I'm going to be honest watching four boys under six for three days wore me out, but they are too cute and such good kids.. so it makes it all worth it!


Monica said...

You truly are amazing to keep these four boys under control....quite a feat!!! I am so impressed with my daughter! I just love how much they love you! I can see you with boys of your own someday! You are amazing with kids and they all adore you!

Rachel Allen said...

Love the picture!!! I'm so happy that my boys love you so much and that I have such a cute girl I can trust my family with! Thanks for having so much fun with my boys even when they are beyond crazy!

Janelle said...

Wow four boys! You are one amazing chica! It sure looks like they and you had a lot of fun. You are the cool gorgeous fun babysitter I loved when I was a kid. I may have to call you if your up to babysitting Ashlee sometime. :)

marilyn said...

I love how you love whatever you do, the boys are so lucky to have you for a babysitter, Emily can't wait for you to come to Utah and of course we can't either Love you