Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stay Calm & Carry on

Can I puhlease say how much I looove summer? I am loving this beautiful weather and friends. Provo feels like home.

Mon night: Taco Bell with Tara, watched high school musical 3! Ya baby!

Tues: After school I decided to go to the mall by myself and talked myself into buying a new shirt:) Don't even worry.. I found my favorite- Chik Fil-A & treated myself to a sandwich and cookies&cream shake. Heaven. Then Giiiirls Night! Lindsay, Alexi, her roomate, my friends Micall, Kylee and Michelle from beauty school all came over to make headbands! We had wayy too much fun. Oh how I love girls nights. Linds is the best friend, she knew how to brighten my day by making me cupcakes that said <3 y-o-u.
She's a gem. She always knows the right thing to say when I'm down. Micall and Michelle spent the night. We ate toast at 1am and read scriptures at 2:) We had many great laughs before bed. Oh how I love my friends. These girls are keepers.

Wed: Blind date. Fun Night! He introduced me to a Thai Place.. I tried new foods.. Anyone who knows me probably doesn't believe that I tried new things.. I had coconut soup. It's actually really good.. We had a lot of fun. We played cards in this park, saw a deer, looked at the stars, talked AND saw a shooting star. I love getting to know new people. We had good conversations and good laughs and the best part about it all is that we are opposites. Literally. His height: 6"10 My height:5' :)

I cantttttt wait for my family to get here tomorrow night. .. and for vegas with them. Life is good, I can't complain.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The more you praise and celebrate your life..

the more there is in life to celebrate.

This weekend was relaxing.

Saturday: busy day with clients, lacey & i worked out (it was my first time in like a whole year working out) I feel like I got ran over by a train... then we went to a spontaneous party at spoon me. It was a fun random crazy night.

yes, there's a story behind this picture...

our new friend rachel.

the gang

we didn't mean to match. we are just cool like that.

we ran into hilary and bree:)

Sunday: good church meeting. lace & i made dinner for our friends & then i watched the notebook with linds and her cute roomates. i adore all of them.

Today: slept in and went to lunch with my friend sarah! I hadn't seen her since i lived in St.Louis! It was so much fun catching up on memories we had together when we were twelve.

I love my phone conversations with my family this week. I talked to Mitch, Dad, Mom and Sis.. Jake's hard to get ahold of.. Last night Lauris and I talked for a whole hour. Right when we hung up we texted eachother.. dang sis we talked for a whole hour! haha! Oh how I love my family and CANT wait to be with them this weekend for the family re-union then VEGAS with them!

my cute sissy.. she gets excited to work out. i need to be more like her.

my cute parents who are in santa fe new mexico!

*song for the day: "dont worry about a thing"

"Ever been misunderstood, misused, or misled

Ever knocked on the sky and had it fall on your head

well, don't worry 'bout it, don't worry

Life is funny, life's a mess Sometimes a curse, sometimes a blessing

Don't worry 'bout a thing, don't worry 'bout it

Life gets sticky, life can bruise

Sometimes you win sometimes your losing

No matter what it brings

dont worry bout a thing<3."

p.s I bought tickets at 2 am for keith urban.. somebody needs to ssstop me .. i have this sudden obsession with concerts. I love them way too much. I'm sooo excited to see this sexy face liiiiive.
that's all.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Days Off ...

are just like heaven.

yesterday was AMAZING!

It consisted of ..

-sleeping in very late

-laundry & cleaning

- & spending time with this fun guy.

(We played a very intense game of bowling with his cousins and it was a very fun friday night).

p.s it rained. oooh how i loooove when it rains at night.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Mr. Kenny Chesney

We drove to SLC last night to see.. THIS good lookin man live. He looked mighty fine in his cowboy hat.
We had SO much fun.. It was VERY hot.. Yes, Utah CAN get hot too, I found that out the hard way. I guess wearing a black shirt and jeans wasn't the smartest thing. We got there at 4:30, They had free creamies, drinks & food.
The opening acts were Lady Antebellem and Miranda Lambert, They both played for an hour each. They were so good! It was so much fun! I love spending time with Tara.
Us patiently waiting for THE Kenny Chesney.. He finally came! It was so much fun, everyone throughout the whole stadium were throwing beach balls up in the air. This was the best summer country concert EVER.
As Kenny says: "When the Sun Goes Down.. We'll be groovin.." We probably had too much fun..
It was such an amazing concert, We knew every song and danced our little hearts out, It was awesome, when he sang "Back Where I come From" The slideshow ended with a picture of the Salt Lake Temple. Oh how I love country music.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Today was a good day. At school we did back treatment exchanges. Back massage with paraffin wax and masks for an hour= heaven. It's crazy that I'm almost done with my four hundred hours. I'll be licenced in Utah soon enough! Girls night with Linds, CPK for Din Din, went to a mini concert on campus and chick flick. Life is beautiful.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I don't want to talk about it.. yes, im obsessed. Kinda ridiculous, but I have two drawers filled, so I wanted to put them all together and see how ridiculous I really am. What can I say? I love making headbands. . its such a stress reliever and my creative juices can flow! It's been fun having headband parties with new friends. If anyone's interested in a headband, you know who to talk to.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun stuff

Mckenzie let me color her hair darker and put in extensions! She is such a beautiful girl and can rock anything! It was so much fun to do a total make over on her!!
We had fun on my day off today.. We went to Einsteins for Lunch then the cutest boutique in Provo, Quilted Bear. Then we made headbands! So fun!

You're not lost if you can see the temple

I went to the temple this morning, im going to try to make it a habit to go every monday. The temple really is amazing. I'm so thankful I have the temple to escape from the world and be reminded what my purpose in life is. Lauris and Dad gave talks on Temples yesterday. I'm so sad I missed them, but they shared some of it with me. Some of my favorites parts are President Thomas S. Monson’s counsel saying, “As we touch the temple, the temple will touch us.” No matter where our lives take us, keeping the temple as our goal will keeps us from going astray.
It's amazing that their are 146 temples that have been dedicated or announced. The temple gives me something to aspire to, to work for, and to prepare for by living my life worthily each day to hold a temple recommend. Because of the temple I can better understand my purpose here in this life and strive each day to be a better person and live up to the responsibility I have. I LOVE that their are a handful of temples near me. I want to go to all of them.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Live like you Believe

Today I have spent most of my time on, reading, pondering and feeling such gratitude for my savior, the gospel, friends and family.

I've spent a lot of time this week texting my Dad, talking on web cam and the phone. He means so much to me. I can feel his love even though I'm so far away. I know with all my heart that My Dad and Father in Heaven will always protect and love me and will never let me down.

My Dad said that the sister missionaries knocked on their door and asked for directions to the stake center.. My Dad asked how they knew that we were lds. . they said they were driving past our house and saw a picture of christ lit up through the window and knew without a doubt we were members and we could give them directions. I love this.. It just shows that through our example and things we have in our house, people can know that we believe in Christ.

My favorite saying right now, "Live like you believe, Live like you know."

I want people to take one look at me and know that I follow Christ.
The world is getting so bad.. It just makes me want to hold on to the good things in life and go to the temple, church and stand in holy places. I went to a comedy the other week and walked out because I was so shocked at what people thought was funny. It was the first time I've ever been offended by someone.. they totally were mocking our church. It makes me wonder why people make fun of a religion that is based on Christ and is always there for people in need. I love this gospel with all my heart, and I know it is so true, not because I was raised in the gospel but because I have lived the gospel and experienced happiness by living it. I'm so grateful for the atonement that makes it possible for us to return to him again. I'm also so grateful that you can have your heart made whole again through the atonement.

Things that I'm grateful for..

this face, friendship, example and everlasting love

My amazing perfect parents who are always there for me and have the relationship i want someday for eternity.

My stud brothers that make me feel so loved and are very protective of me:)

Utah-for letting me start fresh and enjoy the people in it. I love that everyone's so kind here. I love the weather, greenery and the people I've met here.

My amazing grandparents who pretty much give me everything they have. They are so loving and giving.

My FUN roomie who puts up living with the crazy person I am!

A future career that I love very much.

Music in my life

The beach and this beautiful world

My loving savior, who understands how i feel one hundred percent and who is watching over me.

This temple that I pass by every morning. I LOVE the temple.

Cousin Fun!

My cute cousins came to visit from Idaho! It was so much fun beacuse they all came in to me to get their hair done.

Mitch said that It didn't take longer than when he usually gets it done! That was the best compliment ever!

Gracie loved every second of me cutting her hair, the shampoo was her favorite part.

Justin was such a wiggly worm.. it was so cute. He kept smiling in the mirror the whole time. After he said he looved his haircut but doesn't love the itchies. He went home and showered and said he even had itchies in his hair! ha! so cute!

I highlighted Mandy's hair and it turned out so pretty! She loved it! It was cute, she told Grandma that I'm SO good and she likes it better than what she had before. She made me feel so good! She read magazines while I did her hair.. she's going on twenty!

Jac came in to be with us while I did Mandy's hair! I curled her beautiful hair!

We had corn on the cob later than night and it was soo yummy!

I love all the hugs, kisses and smiles I constantly get from little Gracie.

It's so much fun living by my cute cousins and having them visit!