Tuesday, August 18, 2009


..are so much fuuuun!

It's been so much fun meeting cute girls in Utah, living by friends from Arizona who moved up here and family

The fun sleepover's I've had lately..

-sleep over for kellie's bridal shower

bathroom shot

my cute cosmo girlfriends!


we were a just a little shocked about her gifts...

We had a huge sleepover for kellies shower! I loved that we highlighted, colored hair and waxed all night long! Then we watched a chick flick and put tons of mattresses on the ground and all slept in the same room. It was such a fun shower! That night was filled with many stories and laughs.

-sleepover with tara

We decided to hang out with these guys in Provo. We ended up going to their ward prayer & the whole ward sang happy birthday to me and I had to give strangers hugs. We had such a fun time playing games. We played Disney Charades and other games that involved acting people out. It was so funny. I had to act out Casper the ghost.. yes, i did act like he had wings. Casper has wings now:) We also had a little firework show and did sparklers!

we love sparklers (notice my jacket, i had to ask Aaron to borrow one, I'm always cold here)

yummy hot chocolate to end the night (did you know you can have it ALL year around in utah?)

-sleepover with the heaps

It was so much fun spending time with them! We made my mom's yummy homemade pizza.. I loved the toppings we used. We watched one of my favorite disney movie Enchanted and made headbands while eating peanut butter & honey popcorn:) Emily was so excited for me to sleepover that she couldn't sit still in Sunday School and apologized to her teacher. These kids make me feel so loved. They are all so talented and adorable. I sure love living by my cousins. The next day we went to Thanksgiving Point and had so much fun.

gourmet pizza

silly faces

horsey rides

fun in the water!

-sleepover with micall

We hung out with 2 cuuute boys, went to yo zone, told funny stories & had good laughs. We never go to bed earlier than 2. This girl always makes me laugh & smile, i love it. I love this picture.


Boise Buhrley's said...

FUN-FUN-FUN! BUT....you are VERY much in need of a BOISE sleepover!!!
p.s. your bangs are not ew.

Vogels said...

We love enchanted!

Melissa said...

Every time I watch Enchanted I think of you because Amy Adams reminds me of you! Thats funny its your favorite :)

marilyn said...

Every one wants a sleepover with Josie, you are so much in demand you will have to be in Utah for a few years to do everying everybody wants to do with you, we love you!!!! Happy 21

Kim said...

oh my word! How do you keep up!?! You are always doing so many fun things with so many fun people- it's exhausting just to read about- ha ha! Sounds like a blast- you are lucky to have so many great friends and family! You are so dang gorgeous- it's always fun to catch up with what you are up to...