Sunday, August 9, 2009


Saturday was such a good day.

-Had my LAST Saturday of school since I graduate THURSDAY! I stayed so busy.. with a pedicure, manicure, facial, haircolor, highlight cut and style.

-made some more headbands

- got ready for the night with these cute girls

-went to the LOFT (Provo's new non-alcholic Dance Club)

-We danced the night away
-had cute boys ask for our numbers
-one treated us to ice cream after
Yay for random fun nights & meeting new people.
Saturday night goes down for being one of our favorite nights in Provo!
Us at the end of the night..

i looove my roomate

the end.


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Alyssa said...

Hi Joslyn, I've met you before. I'm Jaime Breinholt's sister. I've looked at your blog before way back when you babysat the girls. Jaime told me to go to your blog and check out the pics. Anyway, this time I came to your blog to see if you sell your cute headbands!? The girls wear some of the one you make I think and they are adorable, and I can see you wearing them in some of your pics. Soooo cute! you could totally sell those and make a bunch of money! Anyway, if you wouldn't mind letting me know how to get one or two of those, that would be awesome. My email is or Jaime has my #. Thanks!