Saturday, August 22, 2009


..i've decided provo boys must hit on girls ALL the time because these last couple of days, i've had some pretty funny stories. ready?


-i was at nordstrom smelling the yummy perfumes that i wish i could afford when a cuuute boy kept looking at me..

him: hey.. can you help me pick out a cologne?
me: sure! (i then realized it was a pick of line because he didn't pay any attention to the cologne's i liked.)
him: what's your name?
me: joslyn
him: do people ever call you Joe?
me: umm... noooooo? they call me jos..
him: ok, so if i put jos in my phone would that be ok?
me: totally freaked out and had a plan to give my number with the wrong area code:)
him: ok, im calling you.. check your phone to see if you got it..
me: (i lied) umm.. i don't have my phone with me...
him: well, i trust you that you wouldn't give me a fake number

10 minutes later..

i see him and im holding my phone. i darted away. ya. AKWARD.

- i was at target in the check out line and a fifteen year old was checking me out.

him: heyyy
me: what's up
him: as he whipped out his phone said, can i have your number?
me: UM. i'm too old for you
him: no you're not, how old do you think i am?
me: yes, i'm 21 (shy of one day)
him: embarrased and BOLTED out of target

i just love life.

--i've been to many bridal showers recently & have a fridge full of wedding announcements. it makes me excited for my future happy marriage someday. i love day dreaming about my future husband.. he will be charming, happy, honest, worthy priesthood holder, have a clean mouth, love to have spotaneous fun, want to be a team, will love the temple, make me laugh, will kiss me in the rain, love to cuddle, love going on picnics, will sing to the radio with me in the car and will love me just the way i am.
but for now i will try to enjoy being hit on by creepers and 15 year olds..
p.s to all the guys who might be reading this.. i'm not a brat and am not anti boys, i just prefer the guy getting to know me before he asks for my number.


Natalie said...

jos you are just great. i love you. you deserve the best.

and who knows..maybe that little 15 year-old will one day be the prophet.



Caitlin said...

hahaha oh jos i just love you so!! i was over at the breinholts the other night going over our lists again! im pretty sure my patrick is doing VERY well according to my list hahah : )

marilyn said...

Your dreams will come true, you will be the happiest bride and mother ever!!!!!!!!!!!

♥Maren said...

Happy, happy birthday!!! We wanted you to know that the Bunderson Girls are thinking of you today! We hope your day is FABULOUS!!!

(And, yes, your Prince Charming WILL come - you are an inspiration to us!) Keep smiling... you are loved!

Amber said...

Ditto to Grandma's comment!! You're so awesome Jos! I love the example you are to all the kids in the family. It is so nice to have you here!!

Hope your birthday was the best!!! Love you!! Come for a sleepover anytime!

Melissa said...

you are too funny Jos!! Dont worry...people never believe me when I tell them I've been married for 3 years already--right after I say it I ALWAYS get " old are you?!" Apparently I look 17 still...oh well :)