Monday, August 24, 2009


is a good age.

i loved my birthday this year.

it started out at the loft, we danced the night away ( i even got a shout out at twelve), since it was my 21st we decided to get drinks.. at sonic, and we went and got free car washes with our new guy friends we met, i got so many birthday calls and texts even at 2 in the morning. lace had me open her present at 4 am. she gave me yummy perfume, she knows me too well.. don't worry cause i totally missed my body and sprayed it in my mouth. . haha, life's good at 4 in the morning on your birthday.

i woke up 3 hours later for the oquirrh mountain temple dedication, i went with my amazing grandparents.. it was such a spiritual experience. there's nothing like seeing the prophet in white and hearing him speak in the temple. my new addiction right now is going to the temple.. i guess its a good addiction, i just can't get enough. it sprinkled right after.. oh how i love the rain. (in moderation) the heaps, parishs and meg came over to celebrate.. it was so much fun we had an amazing family night, homemade crepes and a yummy pazookie to celebrate. grandma took me to forever21 this week and let me pick out a shirt, my sister gave me a forever21 gift card and had me open it up on webcam.. im pretty sure i'm in heaven because i LOVE that store. my mom gave me a blanket made out of my t-shirts from my whole life (from play's, school, cheer, beauty school, anything and everything that means a lot to me) meg gave me a blockbuster card so i don't have to spend all my money there anymore, the parish's gave me the prettiest thing of flowers, the heaps made me the yummiest homemade bread and my nana gave me a HUGE hannah montana card that sings life's what you make it.. i'm one spoiled girl. it felt so good to get texts and fb messages from friends all over:) i have the best friends and family.

here's to my 21st. it's going to be one amazing year.


Amber said...

I feel so honored that we got to be with you on your birthday!!! Love you, Jos!

Now, if we just can have you for Christmas...=D

LACEY said...

It was a fun one!!!!!! WOOT WOOT! I LLOOVVEE UUUU girl!!!! 21 will be a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MWAH!!! ;)

Boise Buhrley's said...

Bring on 21!!!!! This is YOUR year sweet girl!
We love you!

marilyn said...

You are going to have an amazing year, we were so lucky to get to celebrate your 21st birthday with you, it was soooooo fun, we love you soooooooo much!!!!!!!!!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun birthday! I love your zest for life!
BTW, I was looking through my scrapbook and found a picture of you and me when you were about 2 or 3! It is so cute! You have always been adorable. When I get my scanner working, I will post it for you to see!