Monday, August 17, 2009


*lets see just how many stops one family can take during two days in vegas.
1st stop: Planet Hollywood.

Ok, I forgot how fast pace and spontaneous my family is. We left Utah at 5 a.m. I was half asleep while getting into the car.. as my family knows I don't enjoy waking up in the 5's OR 6's! It wasn't bad because I knew I could just sleep the whole way there.. so I did. I woke up and realized my Mom and lauris had their hair perfectly curled and make up on.. they got ready before we left at 5 a.m... My dad announced that we reached Vegas and were going to planet hollywood to eat and weren't going to the hotel til night. I did what I had to do and I brought my curling iron and make up with me and got ready in five minutes in the bathroom at Planet Hollywood. Haha. It made me laugh. I'm a little slower than them but they still love me:). Good thing I can get ready in minutes. It was so much fun going out to eat,(me being the poor formal student that i am can't afford to go out). It was yummy and the dessert we got was gone in five seconds, it was a record. Seriously.

2nd stop: The Eiffel Tower in Paris

The Eiffel Tower was AWESOME! I've always wanted to go to Paris and I felt like I got a glipse of what it would be like! We went to the very top and looked out over the strip! So much fun! Notice the picture I took of all the kids looking shocked/disqusted because of Mom & Dad's make out. Typical. Ya. Our Mom & Dad love eachother and aren't afraid to show it!!
3rd stop: Pet Magic show & Shopping

The boys spent a lot of time in the magic shop. They loooved it! I got a steamer, which I LOVE. We got jewlery at one cute little boutique.. but other than that I controlled myself.. Pretty impressive huh? The pet magic show was AWESOME. The guy juggled with cats everywhere! It was very entertaining! Notice me plugging my nose, yes, im allergic to smoke and did this everytime we walked into a casino. Lets just say i could never ever live in Vegas but its fun to visit, next time: im bringing nose plugs:)

Stop 4: Rollar Coaster in New York, New York

We loved how we could be in Paris and New York within minutes! I loved the New York part of Vegas. I am a new yorker by heart! I love broadway,tall buildings, sushi/pizza, the statue of liberty, taxi's, fashion, the music, the busy downtown craziness, i love new york! It was fun.. we went on the rollar coaster.. It sure was a rickity one, I held my neck in place the whole time, BUT it was fun:)5th stop: M&M World

Anyone who knows me KNOWS that Peanut M&M's are my weakness. It was heaven to be at M&M world where there were 3 floors filled with every color of m&m's and everything you could imagine with the m&m logo on it! Mom bought us all our very own pack of m&m's and m&m playing cards for the family and Lacey and I! Day 2

6th stop: Circus, Circus

This indoor place was packed with fun crazy rides! I was fearless and did things that I didn't think I was brave enough to do! We did ride after ride, bumper cars, laser tag, 3-d movies and shows. We pretty much had too much fun here.

7th Stop: The Venitian

The venitian was so pretty. I loved the architecture and the boats where Italian guys sing to you. I love beautiful buildings like this.

8th Stop: The Wax Museum

One of our favorite stops was the Wax Museum! How fun to see exactly how tall and exactly how the celebrities really are! We took so many pictures. They had American Idol's famous judge, Simon as a wax figure! Laurisa and I had a pretend audition and sang Shania Twain's "Don't Be Stupid". We had a fun time .. and Simon told us after that we were going to Hollywood! We saw so many people that varied from Jessica Simpson, Michael Jackson, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt to the Blue Man Group. We loved the Wax Museum!

9th Stop: Dolphins/animal Exhibit

We loved seeing all of the animals! I saw some of the prettiest Lions I've ever seen! There is just something about animals that I love. I got a headache from the smoke both the casinos and the heat and my cute little mommy took care of me. oh how i love her.

10th stop: The Beatles show

OH MY GOSH, WE LOVED THIS SHOW! Sis and I were singing and dancing to all of the songs. They looked and sounded JUST like the Beatles! We could have lived in the time of the Beatles:) 11th Stop: F1 Racing

I thought the boys would dominate, however Mom and Lauris suprised me.. I'm too cautious of a driver to go fast esp. around the corners. . haha and the first time I went around, I couldn't reach the pedals so I had to get a booster seat. Mitch beat us all.. The guy who was in charge of the place told him he was impressed!

12th Stop: Cosmic Mini Golfing!

We had a blast mini golfing with cosmic lights! It was so much fun, even though I lost the game.. I was the only family member who got a hole in one! I was very proud:) My family makes everything fun. Leave it up to Mom to get the free game.

13th stop: The Stratosphere

My whole family is so brave and couldn't wait to go on the ride off the Stratosphere. Details: There are three rides on the top of a building that is 1,000 feet from the ground and is over the strip. I told my Dad I didn't think I could do it. He said he wasn't going to talk me into it.. I went to the top and realized I would regret not doing it .. I decided to be fearless and go for it! I was so glad I did! I hated dangling a thousand feet from the ground at first but then I loved it and felt like I was wendy from Peter Pan flying! I'm so glad I decided to be fearless like the rest of my family!

My family sure wore me out! I can't believe we did all of that in ONE day.

Day 3

14th stop: Planet Hollywood Hotel

We went to The Planet Hollywood Hotel to eatlunch and swim! It was such a fun hotel. It was relaxing to lay by the pool. I hadn't done it all summer. It was amazing to have warm weather in Vegas. I loved laying by my daddy. He played with my hair and made me feel so loved. I love my family.

15th stop: Hotels

We had time before taking me to the airport to walk around the nice hotels/shops in Vegas and take pictures. My favorite was inside the Venitian! I loved all the umbrellas hanging from the ceiling! So creative and colorful!

I had a tear frop from my eye when i got to the airport. . I love my family so dearly and had so much fun with them. I can't wait til I can live near them again.. right now utah's where I belong. Horray for 15 stops in 2 and a half days in vegas with my family!

Thank You SO much Mom & Dad for an unforgetable Family trip!



Monica said...

Your posts always make me so happy but I'll have to admit this one tops them all! I love seeing my family together. We had such a wonderful time and fun memories. You are so good at recording it all down. I love you fun sense of humor and writing style. Yes we missed you so much but to feel that you are where you are supposed to be. I love you dearly my beautiful daughter. Thanks for being the oldest and such an amazing example to all your siblings!
P.S.You and me both---it is hard to keep up with this family of ours! Love you tons!!!
Happy job searching! Enjoy the journey, which I know you always do!

Boise Buhrley's said...

WOW! Pack us in your suitcase next time!! Thanks for sharing your fun family. I LOVED all the pictures. The wax museum was hilar...:)

marilyn said...

WOW, I never saw Vegas like that, next time I'm going. I loved the pictures, the wax museum looked so real, unbelievable, Vegas would pay big bucks to have you advertise for them how to "have real fun, without gambling and drinking" no one knows how much fun they can have unless they take a trip with the Whitings. Great Job Jos! love you

Monica said...

Jossie, Wow you made this trip look amazing!!! I want to go back. My favorite part of the entire trip was that my little jossie got to come with us!
You are such a good sport and you captured the highlights so well!
Love your,

Melissa said...

Your family is so cute! I have wanted to do the wax museum but I wasn't sure how cool it would be--now I'm going for sure!