Sunday, November 1, 2009


BIG 17!
I can't believe it!!!!!
Mitch is SUCH an amazing person, friend, son, and most of all brother!
{please, allow me to explain}

he is..

such a wonderful listener and a perfect shoulder to lean on and sleep on

hilarious and will make you laugh hard

is stronger than me.. ok maybe his muscles are bigger than a lot of people.. thanks to p90x

an amazing eagle scout

the best dancer!

THE biggest tease...

smart, because somehow he makes up for his teasing by being a great snuggler

a safe driver and SUCH a gentleman.. he opens doors for all girls including me! :)

one of my favorite clients.. he let me cut his hair when i first started school

more impressive than michael jackson

an outstanding runner
the best date and he loves country music just like me
so loving and calls me his little big sis

oohh and i can thank him for the nick name jossie bossie:)
I'm so thankful for such a wonderful brother. He makes EVERYONE feel special. He is such a spiritual giant and loves to brighten peoples day. He is such a good musican (piano and the guitar). Mitch has the best taste in music and clothes. He is such a leader.. he planned his whole homecoming group, day date and dance. He is also so much fun to watch wrestle. He is very kissable and squishable.. when we were little, I chased him around the house to kiss him on the cheek and he hit his head on a corner of a bench and had to get stitches. I felt so bad.. its not my fault he's so loveable.. However he is also very ticklish.. thank goodness, because sometimes this is my last resort to get him to stop teasing.. now that I live away from home .. I kinda miss it. He is the type of guy you would wanna get stuck on a stranded island with.. he's that much fun. I love how he is so protective of me. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Champ! I sure do love you. You mean the world to me. I'm so glad Heavenly Father sent you to me. I'm the luckiest sis.


Amber said...

What is sweet post! Cheers for great brothers!!!! Mitch is definately a great brother!

Laurisa Ashley Whiting said...

I LOVE THIS SOOOOO MUCH!!! wow. HE is SUCH a funny boy, and so amazing!! We're so lucky to have him!!

Monica said...

This made this mothers, Day! I love the relationship you have with your brother and most of all the love you two have for each other! You are such an amazing blogger and so good with words, expressing them just the right way!
I'm the most blessed mom in the world! I love you with all my heart<3 !

Christina said...

How sweet! I love your posts! I love the nickname....better than Jossie Grossy! :)

Monica said...

Hey Gorgeous, you are amazing!!! I can not thank you enough for doing this for me!!! No offense but its really hard to remember past gifts and my point is... I will always have this and remember it! You are one incredible girl and example to me! Thanks for being the best sis you can be! -Mitch Whiting