Tuesday, November 3, 2009


i love this quote by president hinkley

my heart is so full of gratitude right now for this church. i want people to know what i stand for just by looking at me. i had the opportunity on sunday to go to the marriott center to hear president uchtdorf speak. it was such an amazing fireside. my favorite parts: don't give up. heavenly father KNOWS the desires of our hearts. the knowledge of who you are will fill your heart with happiness. we were created to have joy, we don't need to wait for permission to be happy. i love this church. it truly brings happiness if you allow it. he really is there for us.

i love this song.

"he ain't the leavin' kind" - rascal flatts

"they tried their best to drag him out of

a courthouse down in montgomery

and now they wanna kick him out of

school and take him off our money

they can take his words off of paper and stone

but he ain't gone.. no.

he ain't the leavin kind

he'd never walk away

even from those who don't believe

and wanna leave him behind

no matter what you do, no matter where you go

he's right there with you he ain't the leavin kind."

no matter what america does to try to take god out of our country, he will be with us. i know that if we center our lives around christ, nothing will ever be permanetly wrong.he walks beside us and knows us. i've been to the temple a lot lately. it's been an amazing experience going to new ones. i'm so grateful for the temple. it truly is heaven on earth and i'm so grateful for the gospel.

lets stand for something.


Monica said...

Your whole life you have stood for what is right! You are an example to all! I am so proud to be your mom. I'm so happy for you that you got to hear an apostle speak. You've had so many amazing experiences. You truly are amazing! I love you XOXOXOXOXOXOXOOXO:)!

marilyn said...

Jos you do a great job "standing for something" I continually amazed at you and know good things are ahead for you, and happy you will always be!!!!!! Love you

Willi Nixon said...

you're mom is right, you are such a great example of how to be christlike and endure such hard things, and you do it happily. i love you girl