Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Jakers!!

Ok.. ill admit i thought i was his second mom when he was little. i loved to change his diapers, feed him and carry him on my hip..

i mean.. just look at him. . he was THE CUTEST little brother.

he was the happiest, lovable, best little brother.

i love that i get to be his big sis.

i've always been a protective sister.. now he's my protective brother:)
jake is so much fun to hang out with.. he's friends to so many and i love him so much
he makes me laugh.. he's cooler than simon..
and has BIG muscles

.. he is even more athletic than shaq

and he gives the best hugs

i love being around him because he loves to randomly sing music like me..
and he is fun to take pictures with
basically he's a stud and i cant believe he is fifteen..

happy birthday jakers. i love you more than you know. it's been so much fun sleeping in your room with you and having late night talks and playing mario kart while eating jelly beans.. you are the greatest. i'm so glad i can be here for your birthday. thanks for blessing my life and being the best little brother.


sarah ann said...

Jake is such a sweet kid! Bytheway, your new family pictures are adorable. Such a beautiful family!!

Caitlin said...

haha Jos, you are so cute! p.s. i think that is shaq and not michael jordan...haha

marilyn said...

I agree jake is precious and so is his sisters and brother greatest family ever I'm so glad we got to be there to celebrate!