Monday, November 9, 2009


because of how blessed i am, is what gets me through not having a job. having faith is hard, but its the only way. if we center our lives around christ, nothing will ever be permantely wrong. heavenly father knows the desires of our hearts. i know he knows mine, i have felt it.

YES! The rumor is true.. i have a boyfriend & he is my best friend, he treats me amazing & makes me smile really big.

[p.s. future job i need you more than ever now, just thought you should know.]


Kristin Breinholt said...

aww.. I am so happy for you! You deserve someone that treats you like a princess. I am so glad that you are so happy right now!

Willi said...

:) i love you girl i was so happy to hear all about you and russ this weekend. you're amazing!