Saturday, October 31, 2009


so.. we partied three times before halloween actually came... we had so much fun:)
i got surrounded by a swarm of bees:)
& got proposed to.. i said yesss!
we saw the milk man..
and mummies...
and a real size lego..
thing 1 & thing 2
and mister bacon:)
we went country dancing in our costumes.. loved it!!
<3> yes, my eyelashes are outrageous.
its hard being a bug..
oh hayyyy!
ms. lady bug & ms. bumble bee
yes.. we had the best halloween of our lives.. & gave out our numbers wayy too many times. oops!! :D


Christina said...

You 2 are so cute! Glad you had a Halloween to remember!

Kim said...

Woah! What fun halloween festivities! Syd and I had so much fun looking at all your pics.. and laughing at some because people are so creative these days! And you looked so dang cute... as always... even as a bug! Hope you are doing good. Sydney got home Thursday and is doing so much better. Thanks so much for all your messages and prayers! Love you! Have a great rest of your weekend. ;-)

Monica said...

You are the most beautiful bug I have ever seen! I love and miss you sooooooooooooooooooooo much my beautiful, amazing, sweet, incredible daughter. I talked about you in my testimony! You are my example in every way!

The Blair's said...

Cute costumes! Did you make them? I like how you added the sexy heels! :)

marilyn said...

I agree the most beautiful bug I have ever seen, I love watching you have so much fun Joslyn you are a party animal! I think you are related to your parents no doubt about that. I'm glad you had such a fun Holloween!! love you

Monica said...

I used to think bugs were gross but you two are so cute! i love you lil big sis! -Mitch Whiting