Sunday, November 15, 2009

{dear hot chocolate,}

i love having you every day. there is nothing like you.
--OK. so today was officially FREEZING! i walked out and this was my face.. it was my first time ever driving in the snow and i didn't like it.. i think i like the idea of snow better than snow.. good thing my utah family has given me warm things..

nicki HAND made me leg warmers! I just love them!!!
last night the heaps suprised me with my favorite CHEETAH print shoes and blanket!

Lets just say i enjoy sitting by the heater in my room, drinking hot chocolate with my leg warmers, cozy shoes and wrapped up in my blanket:) plus, i have a man to keep me warm, i wont freeze.. or at least i hope.

this week was so busy and fun. russ and i had a taco bell candle light dinner, he suprised me by taking me to cheescake (my favorite), we went rock climbing with his roomates and friends! SO much fun! We are really sore now, but it was worth it. we watched a lot of movies and are trying to pretend the snow isn't shocking us..

i am loving my internship, everyone in the salon is so kind to me, i'm learning a lot already. that kept me busy this week along with working at a convention in salt lake.. i worked at a christmas booth that sold vinal glass decorations and then i was a cashier the next day for a steam mop booth.. we sold nine thousand dollars in mops.. she asked me to be her cashier next year, i guess i did a good job:) it felt good to earn money. ohhh and they are fixing my camera for free and i went over 200 minutes this month trying to find a job .. tmobile must love me because they took the charges off and told me about their new plan that is 20 bucks cheaper than i'm paying now and is unlimited everything. yayyyy!

so, i got a package this week from my daddy.. it was a package of sloppy joes.. background: when i was a little girl, i ate them one night and then got sick and threw them up as and lets just say i STRONGLY DISLIKE them.. my dad knows this because when I lived at home, i would find the box in my shoes, closet and now he sent it all the way to utah.. on the back of the box it stated: joslyn, when you are out of funds and out of food.. please open, add H2O, stir and enjoy.
P.s at least you wont starve, love mom and dad

ya.. i wasn't going to open it until my grandma told me too.. it had a check inside. my dad isn't as big of a tease as i thought, i guess. :)

I CAN'T wait to go home this weekend. we are driving down on friday.. I miss my family and i miss these kids..

life is a beautiful thing. <3


Heaps Family said...

Good thing you have lot's of things to keep you warm! We love you. We are so proud of you for being so BRAVE.... Just think, next year you will be saying things like, "I LOVE UTAH even more than ARIZONA!:) It will happen just you wait :) Love you

michelle said...

seems like things are falling into place for you! i am so happy for you.. you're such an inspiration to stay strong & positive about everything! i love you dearly jos!

Monica said...

I love your face when you went out in the snow!!! You remind me so much of myself. A girl after my own heart! I love to be warm and embrace anything that comforts me in that area! Just made hot wassal! You are so loved and I can tell how truly happy you are! What a great week you had! Counting down! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

marilyn said...

You are being watched over, oh and are you forgetting Russell helped me out he said he was still hungry and you said you would make him some sloppy joes but of course you wouldn't eat it, your grandma would never let you starve, your dad is like his dad he likes mean jokes somehow how could he make you wait until you were starving, we would never let you starve!!!!! you are going to love winter here in Utah just wait it is beautiful when it really snows, you have seen nothing yet! love you

Amber said...

Okay, your dad is really awesome! If you have time between fun dates and job searching, come on over!!! I promise we won't make sloppy joes!

I'm wearing my leg warmers every day!