Tuesday, November 10, 2009


this whole job search all day thing is getting reallyyyyyyy old. i've applied to be a nanny, clothes stores at the mall, build a bear, the disney store, a million salons including dollar cuts, credit union, temp jobs, ok so i've basically tried everything besides taco bell.. i was close, the application is filled out.. i know something will come, i know it. besides it easy to have faith when you have money and are doing fine.. its the times where you are struggling where faith is needed. i'm so blessed and am soooOOOoo excited to go home for thanksgiving. i love my family.


Monica said...

We are so excited to have you home for Thanksgiving! WE CAN'T WAIT!!!:)

marilyn said...

I didn't know french fries make birds happy, I have learned so much from you Joslyn, especially being happy with simple things, but I still don't like french fries! love you