Friday, July 1, 2011

the wonderful

things i've discovered about ohio [so far] are ..

the cute antique shops on every corner.

the gray stove with red knobs is to die for.

i came home with this gem. since the cushion isn't comfy, i'm going to "attempt" to reupholster it.

and found these antiquey books. i'm obsessed. we get the perfect amount of that "antique whif" in our bedroom. oh, the flowers were purchased for $2 at a store that carries everything called marcs. dont judge, i'm getting a new vase.

the cute red barn that i get to pass every day. if i'm lucky, i get to see a little boy on his grandpa's lap riding a big green tractor.

having a produce stand literally 30 seconds away. my, oh my is the fruit yummy. hello ma & pa shop.. goodbye walmart produce.

the huge amount of parks here. this park is called lakewood. it has swinging benches that overlooks lake erie and also a view of the cleveland skyline.. squint and you can see it in the background..

now that i made you squint, here's a zoomed in view :)

the emerald necklace. it's incredible.. it consists of 21,000 plus acres of various landscapes and attractions. oh, so beautiful.

hopes husband forgets to read this post .. or else i'm grounded.

this guy makes even "man" shoe shopping fun for me.

[dillards sure does give good "try on" socks out]
sooo glad we finally got our stuff after 12 days.. and the fact that all the boxes except two craft boxes are unpacked :)

the fact that i have a joanns here.. and that my wonderful mommy sent me money so i could go pick it up as an early birthday present! i'm SOOO excited to make vinyl wall sayings, cards, labels, scrapbooks and anything else i want. SO spoiled!

our quiet peaceful little town.

our beautiful home. we love that it's hard filling up rooms, so that means we need guests often. i think our favorite thing is that the hoa takes care of the lawn, everything outside of the house .. even shoveling snow at 5 am in the winter!!

the thing i love most is that i get to see this face everyday after he comes home from the hospital. what a handsome doctor- husband i have. he's learning a lot and loving the hospital. we've done a couple things with the residents his year and their wives. he has six twenty-four hour shifts this month!

oh and did i mention the people are SOOOO slow here. . no matter what store you're in, where you're driving.. what you're doing.. no ONE'S in a rush except the pattee's. the roads are also soo windy and reallllly confusing, and the street signs are pretty much impossible to read..

the fact that there is no jamba juice, frozen yogurt of any kind or any good mexican [that we've found/heard of]

and the fact that the place where i have to take my 3 cosmetology tests is 2 1/2 hours away..

ohhh well, guess that's what makes it an adventure!


Monica said...

I love seeing all these pictures on your blog they just weren't quite the same small on my phone! I love that your childhood love for antiques is still present and that you LOVE OHIO!!! It will love you back tenfold! I am so blessed to have you in my life and am so excited for you to have your new cricut!!! You will love it! Can't wait to see all the fun creative things you will make! I love that you tap into your creativity my amazing daughter! Love, MOM XOXOX
P.S. Remember to take a picture in your fourth of July shirts! Have a happy fourth...we will miss you!

Stevie Leigh said...

You two are such a beautiful couple. I love the photo from the shoe store - those socks are pretty great!

- S from Following the Walkers

Spencer and Jessica Drew said...

I think I'd die without great smoothie, frozen yogurt and mexican food places!!!

Silver Strands said...

Adorable pictures. Who knew Ohio was so beautiful?

Ashley said...

i just randomly found your blog from Kristin Breinholt's... i lovvve this post! I went to Ohio on my mission and am completely in love with it. The way of life is So much different. No one gets it unless they live there!

Newlymeds said...

Great post! Looks like we both have Doctor hubbys!

marilyn said...

Jos this is so fun, thanks so much for sharing your pictures are so cute and tell so much, you are lucky you won't have to shovel snow in the mornings, I'm very jealous or should I say Grandpa is, because that is his job, and he does it well, but it is a lot of work. I'm glad you are finding such fun places, I can't imagine not having a yogurt place, you will find one, hopefully not 3 hours away! Love you