Wednesday, July 6, 2011

sparks fly

this year the 4th exclusively consisted of

husband and i

while doctor was pulling his 24 hour shift on the 3rd, i went with neighbors to see the beautiful firework show that our town puts on

[the day consisted of justin coming home at six am from the hospital me: studying and more studying. then after he got enough sleep, he did stuff around the house]
it was fun to take a break and go out to dinner and celebrate being americans!
we had american food in honor of the holiday :)

we went to crocker park and walked around the shops, I FOUND SPOON ME. frozen yogurt DOES exist.. just not online when i looked it up . haha
they had a cute little fair. reminds me of the notebook.

because j had long hours the next day .. we decided to do "fireworks" of our own.
it was fun doing them in our driveway. oh how we love having a driveway.
i love when he sits like this, i call it his "child pose"

black snakes! we had fun racing eachother to see whose snake went the longest/fastest.

love this.sparklers! favorite!!

smoke- overload

i think we lit nearly fifty sparklers.
since my family couldn't be together- we still kept the tradition of wearing our fourth shirts
[us in ohio]

[mom, dad and jake in pine az]

[mitch at college in utah]

[and sister and g in california] Align Center

ya.. we matched even though we were a couple thousand miles away :)


Spencer and Jessica Drew said...

I love your "family picture"! everyone's matching! and I am in love with your house! it's so cute!

Grafton and Laurisa Milne said...

thats really awesome, all those pictures of us :) we are all over the place! ha. you are so cute! I love your bloggy. you have had some amazing posts. love all the pics of OhiO!
miss you. K

Monica said...

Loved seeing your fourth celebration. It wasn't the same not being all together. We missed you very very very much! Loved you two in your shirts! Darling post!

marilyn said...

Way to celebrate, I'm glad you enjoyed the 4th, it will be fun to see what traditions the two of you have. Love you Jos, you are the BEST!!!!!