Wednesday, July 20, 2011

im officially more of a country girl than city ..

cause everyday i get to see things like this.

can you blame me?
oh, so lovely.

i love the hay, corn fields, the lakes, the red barns, the front porches, the red brick buildings and how people enjoy life. they are in no rush. no one "judge's" you if you wear your pajamas, hair up and no make up. you fit in with most people :)
and this is dr. pattee's hospital. [i went to visit him and my phone died, so i had to find my way home alone.. i did it! so at least i know how to get to and from the hospital!! haha.

and i love the fact that i live near a town named after my awesome brother in law [okay, maybe it's not named after him.. but it should be]

and the not so great parts. who knew a bug had so much blood?! and i lost track of how many dead "critters" i've seen on the side of the road. ew.


Angie Milne said...

That last picture may have made me throw up a little bit... So happy you're loving life up there! It sounds beautiful and those pictures are just breathtaking! Ps those crafts are sooo cute! Love the little things you're doing to make your little house a home :)

Kylee said...

so pretty! that place is a photographer's dream. love it :)

Grafton and Laurisa Milne said...

oh these pictures are gorgeousssss!!! can't wait to see it some time. :) so happy you live by you'll never forget about us. hehe. and I agree with Angie, that pic was disgusting! ha

marilyn said...

I love love love how you enjoy the moment, what a gift you have. Love you Jos and Congradulations on getting a job! You are awesome!!!!!!!!

Emily Anna said...

Now THAT'S a mosquito!! ;) I love the blog, Jos!! You are inspiring me to do the same...once I get a working camera... :) Thanks for sharing, and I, too, am more of a country girl! I wish we were closer and could drive the roads and smell the farms together!