Monday, July 18, 2011

easy crafts. how to's:

my passion is crafting. so while the mister worked his 24 hour shifts, i pretty much pulled a 24 hour "shift" crafting ;) here is what i was up to while he was gone..

-put a picture in a mason jar and fill with olive oil. gives an old fashion look:)

when i showed my hubby, i said look it didn't cost a thing.. he said ya, you're right..that was extra olive oil. haha :)
- mod podge lace or whatever you want on a vase. (i got mine at a thrift store for $1)
- cover books with favorite papers and then mod podge them
-glitter candle: spray glue onto cheap candle and then sprinkle martha stewart glitter on!
- make a design and put in frame. i made a paper heart.

earring holder:get a frame (paint if desired) staple lace on back and thats it!!
don't be afraid to paint things you already have. i painted my chalkboard i found at a garage sale gray.. and the corkboard i mod podged paper on it!
- silhouette project. paint or cover canvas with fabric (like i did) then take a picture of your special someones profile, print out in black and white and trace onto black paper. mod podge everything on!
- "i'm sew very happy" was found here:
then i painted a frame i had from sister's wedding and added embellishments and a fabric paper behind the saying.
- make your own labels and embellish them with pearls, lace, felt, rhine stones, ect.
- organize ribbons in a container with holes!
i also mod podged paper on old organizers i didn't ever use.
yay! finally organized my craft room!
now onto fixing the naked walls.

the fun thing about these crafts is i used things i already had.. except the paint and mod podge and according to my husband the "olive oil"

be creative with what you have!


Alexis Kaye said...

dang girl! I am so impressed! I love all of them! My favorite is maybe the simplest, using the container with holes for your ribbon! what a great idea! :)

Caitlin Jones said...

haha justin is too funny! i am totally team justin with the whole olive oil thing...only because it is so expensive, lol!
you are just too cute girly, i wanna come play in your cute craft room!!

Monica said...

Wow you are so creative. I love it all!!! It is so fun to see your personality come out in your decorating and creativity. The creativity never stops with you! I can't wait to come create with you! So excited I can't stand it! Love, Mom XOXOX

Monica said...

I loved that you are using your great grandma Wrights table cloth. She would love you to use it!

marilyn said...

Jos you are so cute, I love how happy and creative you are, I know your "home" is already smiling just because you are there, I'm sure Justing never knows what he will walk into when he comes home from a 24 hour shift!