Sunday, July 3, 2011

i did it

and i might get addicted..

you can't really tell in the picture but before the chair was different shades of brown [love that antique look] but it didn't go with our desk. so i painted it solid black and added fluffy stuff inside and reupholstered it.wala! i love the new cushion!

here it is with our new desk.

please excuse the chords and the bare walls. . i'll get to decorating .. someday.


Amber said...

Love the yellow! You are so talented! Happy new home!

Amber said...

Wow my post actually posted! For some reason I haven't been able to post on your blog. I love seeing the sites of Ohio!

marilyn said...

Joslyn so proud of you, great decorater, how fun for you to be so creative you will have so much fun making this a "home" You are amazing, I love you good luck on your test I know you will do awesome!

Monica said...

That is my talented daughter! I LOVE IT!!! You are amazing! I love seeing your creativity flow and your frugality...hummmm, you remind me of someone I know! Except you are way more talented! Love you beaut!
P.S. The picture didn't come through to my email!