Thursday, June 30, 2011

nana & grandpa + ohio

we were so lucky to be able to spend five days with them.

we took them to kirtland. my, oh my am i in love with this town.

cutest yellow house i've ever seen.

i guess we are all supposed to be here. read this family: come on over!

i love how the town was preserved to look just like it did in the 1800's.
a lot of the doors and stuff were the originals!

i just love my nana.

kirtland temple. the first temple ever built by the latter day saints.


i have such cute grandparents

mmm. my favorite.

we went furniture shopping. we found the best deal on the comfiest king mattress. thank you, costco.. you can tell we are in heaven :)

grandpa hauling our stuff out. looks like we bought the whole store..

we went to check out doctor pattee's hospital. it was very nice. they have the best food their too! emergency medicine: his specialty

while he was doing doctorly stuff, we went to lake erie. it's huge.
i abolutely love living by one of the great lakes!

okay so in 70-80 degree weather, i'm used to wearing a little cardigan.. well, i'm theeee only one.. people were actually swimming in the lake. brrrr. maybe next year i'll wear summer clothes?

love sand between my toesies

seriously its so green everywhere. a lot different from the "brownery" i'm used to

the lake erie science center

husband joined us towards the end. his favorite was the bald eagle.
cutest bunny foo foo

i wanna try sleeping like that..

such a huge fishy

come back soon nana and grandpa!


Jenna said...

I'm glad you posted this! I didn't know what had happened to your old blog. Ohio sure looks beautiful! I just went back east for the first time last month and I was amazed at how green everything was, too.

marilyn said...

This brings back so many memories, when we lived in Ohio, you are going to love it so much, enjoy all the history because your 4 years will go buy so fast, and their is so much to enjoy living there, you have such a talent and gift to enjoy where you are in your life and not wishing it away, this really is going to be a special time for the two of you. Love you soooo much!!!!! Hope I can finally comment, we shall see

Monica said...

Love this Post!!! Ohio is beautiful!!! I feel like I got to be a part of your adventure. I still can't believe it was the same day Mitch had to be back at BYU!

It brought back memories of taking you guys to Kirtland and all the church sites. I love how you expressed your relationship with your siblings perfectly. You have been such an amazing example to them your whole life.

I love you so much and miss you terrible! Can't wait to come visit...counting the days!!! Good luck with your test! Love, Mom xoxo

Grafton and Laurisa Milne said...

what a beautiful placee!!! so excited for your adventure... i love you!!