Friday, October 9, 2009


is just around the corner..
*decorations are up,our dove chocolate jar has been re filled and we have our costumes.

we got a couch finally:) craigslist $60. what a deal. it fits perfectly. it's so nice to finally have a couch!!
life is good. the weather's getting chilly, i have an interview to be a stylist on monday and am crossing my fingers. i miss filling my days with cutting hair and staying busy.

i love the fall, i love the coats, hats, scarves, hot chocolate, apple cider, snow on the mountains, chilly weather, an excuse to wear my uggs, seasonal candy and most of all the pretty fall leaves.


Monica said...

Nana always makes holidays so much fun! What are your costumes? I just got mine and Dad's!

Monica said...

Oh and cute couch~it looks cozy!