Tuesday, October 6, 2009

my whole wide world

is this girl right here..

she is the one that makes my heart jump when i get a text/call or get to see her. she is the one that melts me with her smile. she is the one that i get to love and be with forever. i love laurisa ashley whiting oh so much. she is the most amazing girl i know. the best part is that she loves me just the way i am. she never wants me to change.

we had so much fun this weekend. she snagged a ride with nana and grandpa to utah and stayed with me for 4 nights. highlights of the trip:

  • paradise bakery
  • yo zone with the girls
  • jammin to country
  • going to a bridal shower where we didnt know the bride
  • taco bell burritos and no onions
  • taking 1,000 pictures
  • majestic mountains
  • would you like to stay forever?!
  • random birthday dance party in between complex's
  • meeting many new people
  • live it, love it
  • red robin and don the waiter who wanted me in a creepy way
  • mmm whatchaaaa sayyyy?
  • hitting on a guy telling him to call me, then driving off once they roll down their window.
  • party in the usa
  • going to the last conference sesh
  • prank calling random people and reading mad gab cards to them
  • 3rd wheel
  • staying up way too late
  • home made oreo cookies
  • seeing nana and grandpa
  • watched a ridiculous movie and a romantic one
  • skip bo with the family
  • lots of hugs/laughs and cuddles
  • 1.o and 2.0
  • realizing how completley opposite we are
  • sharing clothes/getting ready together
  • spontaneous dance moves
  • one amazing trip to forever21
  • dollar movies
  • free hugs
  • oh hayyyyyy!
  • performing our sister song


come back to me sister of mine.
{you know you want to.}


Heaps Family said...

You guys are so great together! Laurisa DOES need to come back!!! She would have an amazing roomate... hmmm and maybe this time I would get to see her! I was so sad to miss her all weekend. I am glad you had such a wonderful time:) How's your job going???

Laurisa Ashley Whiting said...

Oh sister, this is NOT helping my heart problem I'm having right now...it's so torn! :( This was one incredible weekend!!! I loved EVERY second!!! you're the cutest thing in the WORLD!! you make me so happy...and this is the cutest post I have EVER seennn!!! oh sis, I miss you! and Yes I know I want to come back...I wish more than anything that I could! you're so wonderful! I love you with all my heart!

{megs in wonderland} said...

you guys are the CUTEST.

marilyn said...

Sisters Forever what a blessing you have each other so fun seeing you two together! Love you

Willi Nixon said...

you guys are so lucky to have eachother :)