Wednesday, October 21, 2009


is so breath taking during the fall..

we went rock climbing at provo canyon, it was beautiful and a blast.
kenzie and i had fun taking random pictures
love that girl.



not to mention i was scared to rock climb.. but i made it to the top and i was..


Blair and Katie said...

These pictures are beautiful! Wow, I'm impressed that you did rock climb. I remember almost crying when I had to do it at girls camp. I'm definitely scared of heights! When are you coming home? I thought you were going to be coming in like Sep. Did you decide to stay in Utah for a while now?
Hope you are doing well!

marilyn said...

Utah is beautiful it is exactly where Joslyn belongs. Love the pictures, love you

Monica said...

I love this post! You look so beautiful with all the fall leaves in the background! I love how they match your hair! I am so impressed with your bravery~rock climbing (you take after your mother) Love you tons!!!

Megan said...

Hi Jos! I can't wait to see you today! Love you!

she has a story to tell. said...

I agree, Utah is SO beautiful in the fall. We were just there for fall break. I miss it! Looks like you had so much fun rock climbing! (: