Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i woke up..

& to my suprise.. saw snowflakes falling from the sky.
i think im going to enjoy this little thing called snow..
i'm living off hot chocolate and living in blankets.


Laurisa Ashley Whiting said...

I'll give you MAYBE 3 weeks til you change your mind!! haha! Probably less :)

Kristin Breinholt said...

UHH.. You are so lucky. I wish I got to wake up to that. I got stuck in a dust storm on my way home from school today, AZ is so yucky at times. Enjoy the snow lucky girl!

Heaps Family said...

I have to laugh because if this is what you WOKE UP to, you must have woken up this AFTERNOON! Ha ha...did you have another late night? You are just the party girl! Love you

Monica said...

Enjoy, but always know if you want to defrost you know where to come live!