Friday, September 2, 2011

the wonderful moments from skyping

with my family.
one sunday night j was working and i got lonely so i skyped my family. . as you will see .. they are very entertaining even 2,000 miles away..

love this face of roxy's

and paco's pretty cute too

i loved being "at the table" during their sunday night discussion.
mom tried to feed me a gummy hahaha.

and she got kinda silly.. wonder where i get it from?

oh and daddy danced for me in the background.. he knows what makes me happy..

these two are hilarious. oh how i miss them already

haha oh g

love that we have skype in between visits!!

thanks for the entertainment sweet family of mine.

1 comment:

marilyn said...

Thank goodness for skype and also that you are so computer savy! How fun that you can see your crazy family, thankfully somethings never change, normal your family will never be! Love it Jos thanks for sharing!