Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the start of fall!

jill and i went on a walk through the metro parks! it was so much fun because the leaves are starting to change!! it was theee perfect day, 70 degrees! it was so nice to catch up and enjoy the beautiful park.

jill and i have so much in common. both of our hubby's are ER doctor's in residency at the same hospital and we both had to move away from our family and friends. we love exploring this new city and learning things from eachother! she teaches me how to coupon and cook and i teach her how to craft:)

loving fall!

obssessed with the leaves!

isn't she so cute with her prego belly??!

love this time of year!!


Mr. & Mrs. Woolf said...

I always love your pictures. And I love how you have fun even when your husband is gone. And gone a lot. PS... once again... you make Ohio look picture perfect :)

marilyn said...

I'm glad you are having so much fun, this bring back so many memories that I didn't realize when we lived in Ohio, amazing how beautiful it is and especially with you there, you make every place happy!